Nevada’s Solar Reserve.



Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu recently photographed the Nevada SolarReserve, a grouping over 10,000 mirrors which power nearly 75,000 homes during its peak season. Wu photographed the mass of reflective panels during nightfall, allowing the brilliant colors of the sunset to be doubled into the shining surfaces below. Wu likens the energy facility to a topographic ocean, considering it one of the greatest land art installations ever built.

Stunning photos, and it’s always good to see alternate energy in the works, but I’d like a lot more information about these, so I’ll do some digging about. In the meantime, there are more of Reuben Wu’s photo’s at Colossal Art, and they are stunning!


  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    My wife and I left Tucson in 2002. When we moved back last year, I was shocked (pleasantly so) to see so many homes, businesses, and even the air force base here, using solar.

    There are now a lot of stores who put solar panels up in their parking lots, which gives the added benefit of shaded parking (this is a bigger incentive for many people to use that business than the solar).

    Very cool that this is rather beautiful art as well. :)

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