Here Comes the Sun.

From Kengi:

The photo includes Sunspots 2562, 2563, and 2564. The three sunspot groups form a triangle on the left side of the sun with 2562 on the bottom, 2563 on the top and 2564 on the left. There’s another sunspot just coming around further to the left.
Taken through a ND-5 thin film (.002″ thick) polymer filter. That’s ND-5 in astronomy, not ND-5 in photography, which are not the same. Remember, never look into the sun without a proper astronomical solar filter.
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  1. rq says

    I had to clean the computer monitor to see the sunspots properly, haha. :D

    Nicely captured.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    To think just how huge those little brown pimples are (and how far they are), Sun has a radius a bit more than a hundred times that of the Earth.

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