Gays Against Guns: On the March.

Gays Against Guns in the NYC Pride March

Gays Against Guns in the NYC Pride March

Gays Against Guns formed out of a meeting the Friday after the June 12 tragedy, and by the time the New York City Pride March rolled around last Sunday, it had marshaled a contingent of 750 people to participate, plus 49 veiled in white to represent those killed by the Orlando gunman, with each carrying a placard with the name and photo of one of the dead. The group also performed “die-ins” all along the Fifth Avenue parade route.

Now the organizers have heard from people who want to set up similar groups in San Diego, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., and they hope to get more cities on board, says one of those organizers, Catherine Marino-Thomas.

Thomas, who headed Marriage Equality USA for 17 years, says Gays Against Guns will focus on direct action, not lobbying. Among other things, it plans protests at the offices of state and national elected officials who oppose LGBT rights and gun control.


This weekend Gays Against Guns will be spreading the word to the holiday revelers on Fire Island. It will have information tables set up from 1 to 8 p.m. Sunday in the Pines and Cherry Grove. There will also be a Gays Against Guns meeting July 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the New York LGBT Community Center.

For more information on the group, visit its website or the Gays Against Guns pages on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.

Via The Advocate.

In other gun control news, California has tightened up their laws considerably: California expands assault weapons ban as part of new gun laws package, Hawaii has databased gun owners, and Survivors of Charleston Shooting Are Suing FBI Over Guns.


  1. Bruce says

    I wonder how Gays Against Guns feels about being part of a political minority that consists of only about 90% of the American people? It’s too bad that the 90% of Americans currently shows little prospect for becoming an influence in American politics. It’s enough to make me wish there were elections this year, in which our 90% had a decent chance of winning Congress.

  2. says

    Bruce, I suppose you could always address your, um, concerns directly to GAG, given all those handy dandy links at the end of the OP.

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