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An enchanted forest! Oh, what a wondrous thing it would be to walk this forest. I love things that can make me feel like a small child, completely lost in wonder, and I had that moment a time or two just watching the video.

Stock up on breadcrumbs and magic beans: inspired by folklore and fairy tales, Foresta Lumina is an illuminated, spellbinding night trail created by new media and entertainment studio Moment Factory. Transforming Parc de la Gorge in Coaticook Canyon, Canada, into a multi-sensory installation, the dark forest becomes the canvas for an immersive public exhibition. Step into this mesmerizing environment in our new documentary, above, and join us on our private tour of the magical woodland—we just hope you’re well enough versed in The Brothers Grimm to find your way out.

Open through October 11th, the semi-permanent installation is a supernatural symbiosis of varying arts media, set along the route of one stunning pathway. As visitors enter Foresta Lumina, they’re brought on a mile-plus-long journey wherein light art, video mapping, architectural installation, and more fuse within one seamless environment. Split into seven sections, each folk tale and character arc is represented by a unique multimedia effect.



Full Story at The Creators Project.


  1. rq says

    Though I will confess, there’s something vaguely similar that happens here every year, it’s called Nature’s Concert Hall (Dabas koncertzāle), but it’s more of a performance/show based on science than a fairy-tale walk through the forest. The day is filled with activities about local flora and fauna and fun, and they put on an open-air light-show with local artists. It’s in a different location every year (always outdoors), and has a particular local scientific feature as central theme. One year it was armoured fish, one year it was eskers, I think this year it’s a species of bat. Haven’t gone yet, but I want to. Ha, doesn’t compare to this enchanted forest, but it always looks pretty cool from pictures!

  2. says


    I wished I could walk that path

    Me too. I could feel my eyes getting so big a few times watching the video. How nice it must be to spend a little time in a place that is magic.

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