I didn’t call you a nasty name!


This church sign in Buford, GA, received publicity several days ago, now it’s been vandalized. I don’t agree with vandalizing the sign, although I certainly understand the impulse, especially when this sort of reasoning rears its head:

Wright, who said he didn’t regret displaying the message, questioned what the vandal was mad about because he said gays and transgender people weren’t called a “nasty name.”

So, the intense nastiness and ugliness of the message doesn’t matter at all, because no nasty names. No cussing. Never heard that one before, oh no. :colossal eyeroll:  Wright also denied that the sign could be a tool of hatred, as it wasn’t based in hatred at all. Nope, no hatred, just the biblical facts, ma’am.

“If you are transgendered or gay, your lifestyle is sinful, that’s a moral thing,” he said. “It’s a perversion again nature. … That’s your lifestyle and you’re trying to force it. This part of society is not going to be forced on.”

Wright added that Christians need to stand up for what’s in the Bible instead of being politically correct. He said he’s spoken out against President Barack Obama’s views on marriage and the recent statement about gender identity in school restrooms.

So, it’s a moral thing, it’s a perversion, it’s just a lifestyle. An immoral, perverted one, of course. But no hate, no. As Georgia Voice pointed out, Wright added his little silverish lining:

Wright expressed he doesn’t expect everyone to agree with him, but that LGBT individuals are still welcomed to attend service at his church.

“The church is open for service. They’re invited in,” he said.

Which goes right back to what Zack Ford was saying in No, We Cannot Weep Together. These so-called invitations are an absolute crock which seek only to utterly erase our lives.

Via GwinnettDaily and Georgia Voice.


  1. Saad says

    Georgia seems to be making it into the news a lot on this topic lately.

    Hmm, where can I move to? How is Finland this time of year?

  2. johnson catman says

    His idea of “welcoming” doesn’t match up with reality, but that is typical for many christians. When I am “welcomed” into somewhere, I do not go in and expect to be berated for being who I am. As a matter of fact, I remember a hymn (from when I attended church a millennia ago) that was titled “Just as I am” that was about Jesus accepting individuals as they are. I am sure that I must be remembering wrongly because these preachers wouldn’t lie about Jesus or make their christian “virtues” match up with their personal bigotries. (/s)

  3. Kengi says

    You know you’ve found the right religion when its god hates the same people you do.

  4. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I had a bigoted, ammosexual homophobe raging on a friend’s fb feed recently. Except, he never called anyone names. When so many of us (rightly, IMO) reacted with the occasional expletive, he pulled the same shit as this pastor did. It’s apparently a learned pattern.
    We see it a lot with the libertarian atheist branch of assholes too.

  5. blf says

    How is Finland this time of year?

    Full of Finns fermenting fish to drink during the winter (i.e., the rest of the year), I presume. </shark>

  6. says

    This church sign in Buford, GA, received publicity several days ago, now it’s been vandalized. I don’t agree with vandalizing the sign

    Dunno, I’m not a fan of this “but we must never damage any property, no matter the hateful shit that’s written on it”. Because we do acknowledge the violence inherent in those signs.
    It would be a different discourse if it had been the church that was vandalised.

  7. Saad says

    I would condemn the vandalism is what was written on it was “just an opinion”. It’s not. It might as well have been written in blood.

  8. Saad says

    Oops, that should be “I would condemn the vandalism if what was written on it…”

  9. says

    Actually, I don’t have any problem with someone slinging paint on the sign, I felt it was a rather mild reaction, as these things go, but I have enough shit on my plate right now that I don’t feel like having accusations of condoning violence landing on it, too.

  10. says

    I understand
    I think the US are weird in that respect, probably because of that near limitless first Amendment. Having learned a hard lesson, Europe has a different approach, especially Germany. It’s also a time honoured tradition that fascists get their election campaign signs removed by activists with nobody batting an eye. That’s why they usually have to hang them like 3m from the ground….

  11. Siobhan says

    First I’m a transgender, now I’m a transgenderededededed. Make up your mind.

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