1. Lofty says

    Pottering about on the bicycle today I saw absolutely loads of different eucalypt flowers on the ground. Pity the big camera doesn’t travel well in the carrier bag, and of course I forgot to take the little one. Many of the eucalypts around here have their flowers shitloads of feet in the air and you don’t notice them particularly unless the tree is shrieking its lungs out to the bird population in brilliant red. I should take the big camera along on walks more often. The flowers in the pictures above are 8 foot off the ground and hardly visible from a distance, only my pic enhanced eyes spotted them and zoomed them into focus.

  2. rq says

    Soooo pretty. And yes, so much of Australian wildlife seems alien, because it’s so different from what I (as a typical European-descended North American-raised person) have known. Makes it special, and a mark of nature’s diversity.

  3. wearsbellsonlegs says

    Gum (i.e., Eucalyptus, before the taxonomic splitters got to the genus) blossoms? No! They’re inflorescences of the pin cushion hakea, Hakea laurina. It’s endemic to southwest Australian.

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