Magnificent Textile Trees


© Lesley Richmond.

Absolutely gorgeous textile trees, forests, and leaves by Lesley Richmond, using the Devoré technique. From an interview:

I take photographs of trees, concentrating on their branch structure and transfer these images on to a silk screen. The image is then printed with a heat reactive base on a silk/cotton mix fabric. This is heated and the reactive base expands and becomes dimensional. The cellulose fibers are then eliminated with a mild acid (devore). This leaves just the image and the silk thread background. The structures are then stiffened and painted with pigments and metal patinas.

I work alone in the studio in my house, with occasional assistance from a former student to assemble my large pieces.

More of Lesley’s work can be seen here.


  1. rq says

    Wow. I love her leaf cloth series. The lace cloth series look like lichen (esp. the pale coloured one), this is again painstaking work performed to fantastic effect.

  2. rq says

    She’s got great colour combinations in the other sections, too (I have a particular soft spot for those that combine a very bright blue and/or green with a very bright yellow and/or orange and/or red. Just gives the whole piece a kind of glow), but the leaf series appealed to me the most.

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