Across the Pond: Prove Your Gender!

Ny Richardson.

Ny Richardson.

It looks like the insanity currently infecting uStates is spreading, all the way across the pond. Naturally, there’s a whole lot of denial going on, nothing new there, and there’s been quite the effort to blame the victim. Full Story Here.

Ny Richardson, a 16-year-old from Yorkshire, England, claims she was kicked out of her local McDonald’s after using the bathroom because the staff thought her gender didn’t match the facilities she used.

“I ordered my food and left it with my girlfriend as I went to the toilet,” Ny told Yahoo News. “When I was in there, someone told me to get out and when I sat back down, the manager came over and told me that I needed to leave because I have been in the girls’ toilet.”

Richardson protested and the manager asked the teenager to show her ID to prove her gender [Ed. note: C’mon, guys]. When she failed to produce any ID, the manager told her to leave and called the police.

Richardson says she was humiliated by the experience and calls the manager’s attitude towards her “disgusting.”

“I’m still angry about it now,” she added.


  1. Siobhan says

    I’m going to do a piece on The Advocate’s coverage of this. They said the bathroom bills had claimed “their first casualty.”

    I still can’t find my jaw.

  2. says


    I still can’t find my jaw.

    You and me both. FFS, as bad as it is in uStates, there’s at least the hope that the rest of the world just isn’t that damn crazy, but I guess people are the same everywhere.

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