FtBCon chat rules

We’re taking advantage of the Pharyngula IRC chat room to provide a venue for free-flowing discussion of FtBCon panels this weekend — it’s a bit faster and more interactive than just leaving comments on YouTube videos (which is a bit like throwing jewels into a cesspit, anyway). But I should let you know that the IRC channel does have a Code of Conduct, and a large number of moderators to enforce it. Read and obey.

#FtBCon! Tomorrow!

The FreethoughtBlogs online conference starts up tomorrow at 5pm CST with an introduction by the fabulous Debbie Goddard, followed by a fabulous line-up of fabulous speakers that doesn’t stop until 8pm Sunday. I’m going to be a desk-chair-potato most of the weekend, writing up stuff, preparing for a talk, composing an exam, that sort of thing, so this is going to be perfect — I’m going to clear a spot off on my desk, prop up the iPad there, and stream all the talks to entertain and educate me through my drudgery.

That’s one of the nice things about this online con. I can stay comfortably at home, get work done at the same time, and also, if I miss anything good, it will be preserved forever on youtube, so I can watch it on my time. You should flick on through. Check out the schedule, there’s guaranteed to be something you’ll find interesting.

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