It couldn’t possibly be the Republicans’ fault

First, they tell you you’re wrong, the climate isn’t changing.

Then they tell you, well, it’s changing, but it’s entirely natural, and humans have nothing to do with it.

And finally when reality sinks in, they announce that it’s happening, humans cause it, but it’s ALL THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS FAULT.

We have officially reached stage 3. Carly Fiorina is blaming environmentalists for the severe California drought.

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Zana the Ape-Woman: or, Bryan Sykes the Incompetent

Zana's granddaughter

Zana’s granddaughter

Does the London Times routinely publish crackpot pseudoscience with no fact checking at all? I’ve just read their latest piece on the notorious Bryan Sykes, Bigfoot Hunter, and it’s the kind of gullible tosh I’d expect from a Murdoch tabloid. It’s got one paragraph that mentions that other scientists doubt his findings, but otherwise it’s a fluff piece for Sykes’ new book about an ape-woman…which is not only inane, but distressingly racist.

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A sciencey word salad


Larry Moran quotes this closing paragraph from an actual, published paper in a respectable journal. I don’t understand what it means. Can somebody explain why these terms are mashed together in this way?

We close this essay by postulating that there has been a pervasive influence of the gene centrism inherent in the Modern Synthesis in conjunction with the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology on biomedical thinking. We believe that this influence has now become counterproductive. Thus, it is critical for new ideas stemming from evolutionary biology highlighted in this special issue of The Journal of Physiology and elsewhere to more fully inform biomedical thinking about the complex relationship between DNA and phenotype. The time has come to stop chasing Mendel.

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