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Aug 23 2013

Sorry, California, But You Have To Pay The Atheist *Something*.

A godless drug offender who was serving his parole Was remanded to a program where they tried to save his soul He denies a god exists—a “higher power” is their phrase— So they threw him back in prison for another hundred days Now, this differential treatment was unlawful (also, rude) So the godless drug offender …

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Aug 22 2013

The Pronoun Game

The media say Bradley Manning, today Has decided he’s making a change He’s making a stand With his latest demand But reactions have been a bit… strange. Cos as far as I see, It’s all “Bradley” and “he” Like the networks are sharing one plan But it’s Chelsea, you see, (And the pronoun is “she”) …

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Aug 07 2013

Very Much OK

…Oklahoma, that is. No time for a big post, but I wanted to direct you to a very nice newspaper piece from the Oklahoma Gazette: Atheism increasingly finds a home in the Bible Belt. Oklahoma is home to more than 6,500 churches. It’s also home to one of the largest atheist meet-up groups in the …

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Aug 05 2013

Ah, So *That’s* Where The Fat Went!

A rack of ribs; a leg of lamb; A turkey roast; a marbled ham; We used to cut the fat off, just to eat it! The drippings from the roasting pan We use for gravy, quite by plan— For flavor, you can’t beat it. But now, our culture’s seen a change And eating fat is …

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Jul 30 2013

The Devil Went To Concord

The Devil went to Concord; He was there to raise some hell With Satanic clothes and music And with drugs and porn to sell He would fill young hearts with evil things Like envy, lust, and hate… He was climbing up the High School steps When something whispered, “Wait!” A mom was in the doorway, …

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Jul 30 2013

It’s Just A Bloody Cracker!

The flesh of our savior— A wafer, or host— Is a part of the Eucharist rites And a miracle happens Or so goes the boast With each of the sav(i)ory bites No longer a cracker, It’s turned into flesh (and the wine’s turned to blood, as you know) Not rotted and nasty But perfectly fresh …

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Jul 29 2013

… And In Pope News…

The pope now says He welcomes gays Which fills the throngs with hope “I have no right To pick that fight— I mean, what am I, the pope?” Headline: On Gay Priests, Pope Francis Asks, “Who Am I to Judge?” But he did say the door was closed when it came to women in the …

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Jul 13 2013

Not Guilty

The verdict is in; they found, of course, With many tears and much remorse, We have the right to deadly force Provided it’s with a gun. If someone stalks you with their car— Without a gun, you start to spar— The law is clear (though quite bizarre) He’s clear to shoot you, son. It happened …

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Jun 28 2013

Should Atheists Pray?

“Should atheists pray?” the paper asked And commenters all had to share… Seems nobody knows what an atheist is, And nobody understands prayer At the New York Times, the “Room for Debate” opinion page asks “Should Atheists Pray?”. With atheist church services this month in Louisiana and New York, nonbelievers are borrowing some of the …

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Jun 21 2013

Conscientious Objection The Godless Way

Your conscience is that little voice Contributing to every choice For those who let their conscience be their guide The conscientious types report If you’re the conscientious sort You know that voice is coming from inside For those who know their morals’ source No Christian God, nor Jedi Force Is necessary target for our search …

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