…Therefore, Jesus

It’s possible some entity which cannot be detected,
Outside of our experience despite how we’ve inspected,
Was the first cause of the universe, and first began to move it
It’s possible, by which I mean that no one can disprove it.

And that’s why I, specifically,
Believe in Christ of Galilee

Beyond the grasp of scientists, beyond our poor sensations
Beyond the reach of telescopes, which all have limitations
Before the birth of matter, and of energy’s first pulse
There may have been intelligence—you cannot prove it false.

Believing in the Christian God
Is, therefore, not the least bit odd

The beauty of the universe holds all of us in thrall
No scientist would be so bold as claim we know it all
The open-minded person will admit that, just perhaps,
Some unseen causal entity lies hidden in the gaps

It cannot, therefore, be denied
It’s for our sins that Jesus died

A bit of bread, a sip of wine
Are flesh and blood, by will divine

A savior-king, of virgin birth
Who holds dominion over Earth

Belief in whom must hold the key
To heaven and eternity

Without whose love and magic spell
You’ll spend forever, trapped in hell

A god so strong, and so complex
He cares with whom we might have sex

We’ve never seen the evidence, and frankly never will
Another gap will open up for every one we fill
The less a god is visible, the more that god is strong:
As long as God does nothing, why, you cannot prove Him wrong.


  1. The Lorax says

    I love it when they prove a god
    Can technically have been and done.
    I answer, with a knowing nod,
    “Your logic’s sound, but pray, which one?”

  2. EcksLibris says

    The Cuttlefish has had his say
    It’s true, we cannot win the day
    With scientific evidence
    That a specific God does not make sense

    Even so we soldier on
    Responding to the christicon
    Providing proof that nothing’s proved
    And so our movement remains moved

    The Cuttlefish inspires and charms
    Shows there’s no need to take arms
    We should take up words instead
    ‘Twill make the skeptics more widespread!

  3. Abdul Alhazred says

    Natural beauty is so much more awe inspiring when you posit a boogieman in the sky. :)

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    And two more gaps will open up for every one we fill

    Gotta get the math right before you submit to professional journals!

  5. Quietmarc says

    Two or more gaps, depending on the fact-plane we’re describing. A little more difficult to fit into the rhyme, though.


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