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Feb 04 2013

Pokébiology 101: “Evolution” and the enigma of Eevee


(Click here for the introductory post to Pokébiology 101) You know I had to start my Pokébiology 101 series with the most famously scientifically inaccurate part of Pokémon: evolution. In the Pokémon world, “evolution” means something different from what you might have learned in your biology classes. …Well, what you should have learned in your biology …

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Jan 27 2013

Welcome to Pokébiology 101


Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Jen! People call me the Pokémon Grad Student! …Okay, I don’t think anyone has actually called me the Pokémon Grad Student. But I’m a PhD candidate studying evolution and genomics who has been playing Pokémon since its release in 1998. My friend showed me …

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Jan 19 2013

Come see me at Nerd Nite Seattle!

I am living the dream: I’ve been invited to give a talk of extreme geekiness this Monday: Pokébiology 101 There may not be a Pikachu Genome Project, but the unusual biology of the Pokémon Universe can teach us about biology in the real world. How do Pokémon species differ from species here on Earth? What …

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Jan 19 2012

My boyfriend has my geekery figured out


Here’s one of the Christmas presents he got me: I am inordinately excited about having a Pokeball themed iPhone case.

Sep 01 2011

Geeky filler

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. Between PAX and moving, I pretty much haven’t been on the internet at all. I went four days without checking emails, which I think in a new record for me. Anyway, I’m still unpacking and doing other apartment related stuff (woooo, Ikea run!), but I wanted at least …

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Aug 18 2011

I am a geek

Proof: 1. I just bought this:I love Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, dinosaurs, and surrealism. How could I not resist? 2. Next weekend I’m going to PAX Prime, the ginormous gamer festival that’s the brain child of the guys who make the webcomic Penny Arcade. When I say ginormous, I mean ginormous – over 60,000 people …

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Aug 07 2011

Someone knows me too well

A friend said this reminded him of me:…Yeah, pretty much.

Mar 18 2011

Homeopathy in Pokemon?!

Super Potions: Heals 50 HP, costs 700 PokeDollarsFresh Water: Heals 50 HP, costs 200 PokeDollars Why…Super Potions are just fresh water that have been marked up because of the fancy label! I’m sure if you read the fine print there’s something about “parts per million” or “Not approved by the PokeFood and Drug Administration.” Where …

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Mar 06 2011

Dear Everyone Who’s Buying Pokemon Black/White Today

I hate you. Sincerely, A certain blogger who is working in the lab and doing exams constantly and can’t play until Friday and wonders how she’s supposed to be the very best like no one ever was if she starts a week late, goddamnit PS: YES I LIKE POKEMON DON’T JUDGE ME I’M A CHILD …

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Jul 31 2010

Why so many kids are confused about evolution

Well, this explains everything.…Speaking of which, WHO’S TOTALLY EXCITED FOR POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE?! I know I’m a consumer whore, but those games are like crack. Indeed, I do have the compulsion to catch them all. Let me cling onto one last childhood memory! This is post 30 of 49 of Blogathon. Pledge a donation …

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