Why so many kids are confused about evolution

Well, this explains everything.…Speaking of which, WHO’S TOTALLY EXCITED FOR POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE?! I know I’m a consumer whore, but those games are like crack. Indeed, I do have the compulsion to catch them all. Let me cling onto one last childhood memory!

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  1. Roggie says

    Totally with you on that. It’s so true. I learned what evolution was through Pokemon. Best game ever made.

  2. says

    I’m excited! I still keep up with Pokemon like some kinda crack fiend and there was a pretty impressive group of people at the conference that did too. Michelle and I started a group conversation about the newer generations in the lobby one night, hahaha.

  3. says

    Sorry, Jen. I can’t stay up and do it this year. Next year, if you’re crazy enough to do it again. I’m just too tired, and didn’t get vacation for this weekend, which was the original plan.I apologize. I’ll catch up in the morning…everyone, have fun.And make fun of Mark.

  4. says

    Once again, I’m telling myself that it’s going to be a slightly different clone of every game since Gold and Silver, that it’s not going to be worth spending money on, and that I won’t even beat the Elite Four a second time before I put the game down and forget about it.I’m probably going to get both of them.

  5. Not ash ketchum says

    GRRR!!! YES! POKEMON!!And here I am still trying to find time to beat the Elite Four the first time around on Pokemon Diamond. :'(

  6. says

    OH EM GEE, SO excited for Pokemon Black & White! I was just giggling about this photo the other day. I love graphs and Pokemons. from what i’ve seen of Black & White so far, they look awesome. But awe man the starter Pokemon look SO SO BAD. *facepalm* Makes me sad, but OH will I play it anyways because i’m a consumer whore.

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