Dear Everyone Who’s Buying Pokemon Black/White Today

I hate you.


A certain blogger who is working in the lab and doing exams constantly and can’t play until Friday and wonders how she’s supposed to be the very best like no one ever was if she starts a week late, goddamnit



  1. Entan Syrna says

    I’ve been playing Black and White since November. Teehee.Or rather, I started a game in November, just didn’t keep playing. School, yaay

  2. LS says

    I’m not playing it in solidarity with you, Jen. I may not have ever played a Pokemon game before and have no reason to start now, but the reason I’m not playing this one is still solidarity >.>

  3. AbnerCadaver says

    As a bio major you’re destined to be a Professor Oak.Hope you like constant angry eyebrows and dick grandsons.

  4. says

    Bright side: You can find out which color sold more copies in America because of whatever stupid cultural connotations we apply to colors, and then buy the OTHER one so your exclusive Pokemon will be more valuable in trade.

  5. G.Syme says

    No no – if you extrapolate, you’ll find that the later you start the very besterer that no one ever was you’ll become! You’re set!

  6. the_Siliconopolitan says

    Can I blame physics-envy for preferring <redacted>? Even if I don’t play, but just read smutty fanfiction based on the anime?

  7. says

    Don’t worry too much about it. The only Game Boy I have is the original one roughly the size and weight of a brick. The only Pokemon I’ve every played was Red. At least you’ve been able to keep up with it!

  8. says

    Even though I went out to get a copy of Black this morning, I’m in the same boat more or less, as I have a stack of Victorian novels to slog through during my break this week :(

  9. Golem says

    Speaking as someone with three tests and an oral presentation due this week:Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

  10. says

    Aw, crap. Thanks for reminding me. I hope they haven’t sold out by the time I get there. I’ve always pre-ordered in the past so I don’t know how fast they actually go. GAH!

  11. Amanda says

    My kids have been close to inert since I took them to GameStop this morning to pick up theirs. I’m going to have a fight on my hands getting them out the door in the morning.

  12. Syrup says

    I wish I had your will power. I bought it on the EU release day, and I’ve already had to give it to one of my friends so I don’t spend too much time on it when my dissertation needs to be done.I don’t want a re-hash of diamond, 80 hours in the first week isn’t good.

  13. Inkhat says

    I knooooow! I have a term paper due Thursday and 20 papers to grade and lessons plans and everyone I know already owns it!

  14. Mike K. says

    That bastard cheats. “I’m just gonna sit on this mountain where it’s always snowing, so my 3 Pokemon that know Blizzard always hit with it.” Douche.

  15. Drakk says

    You have one point on a graph of very bestness against start time. You can’t extrapolate from one data point! ;)

  16. G.Syme says

    Nuh-uh! Gary started on time, and he was not the very best at all. If we declare Gary to be (0,0) then we see a steady rise from him to Ash, and given that Ash was only a few hours late, Jen ought to be a great many times bester after a whole week. QED :)

  17. MadScutter says

    I feel for you Jen. I pre-ordered both (one for me, one for my 7 year old), but they wont be here for a couple of days yet. My son is going nuts!

  18. Drakk says

    Gold started on time and beat Red (who is pretty much Ash) at the end of his titular game. Also note Gold’s rival started later and gets trounced.Also, the protagonist in Ruby/Saph (I won’t use a specific gender choice) technically starts at negative time since you rescue your respective prof. Your protagonist then goes on to trash TWO rivals who start later than you.No correlation can thus be determined between very bestness and start time.

  19. Paragon83 says

    I just wanna know why there is not a pokemon mmo? The game is just begging for it.

  20. Drakk says

    Because pokemon is marketed as a “kids’ game”, and most pay-per-month MMOs are played by adults with income.Also, rating boards. Online interactions can’t be rated, and I don’t think the creators want to be exposing kids to the “wtf noob fag” culture in MMOs.

  21. Gus Snarp says

    Just to show my age and that not everyone on the internet likes Pokemon: WTF are you people talking about? All I know about Pokemon is that some dumb cute yellow thing is supposed to be some great combatant, and that it is the absolute perfection of the notion of the exploitative marketing driven children’s TV show.

  22. Raiki says

    Pokemon: Where a 2′ 11″goldfish is allowed to completely break the laws of physics and transform into a 21′ 4″ flying dragon.For that matter, Pokemon: Where a 2′ 11″ isn’t seen as a freakish anomoly.~R~

  23. Andrew S. says

    I picked up my copy Sunday morning but didn’t play because…I had a hot date all weekend. IS IT BAD THAT I FEEL BAD ABOUT THIS

  24. says

    My mortgage is stopping me from playing pokemon – wtf is this adult shit about when you can’t even afford pokemon?

  25. Paragon83 says

    Actually there are a number of kid friendly mmo’s out there. Lego universe being a pretty big one.

  26. Azkyroth says

    This reminds me that your nickname on most services is Pokemon-derived.If you were a Pokemon, what would your signature attacks be and what type(s?) would you be? O.o

  27. says

    I bought White on Sunday, but I’ll admit, if it weren’t for various communities on the Internet I follow, I’d have waited until the price was cheaper. As it is I’m playing pretty slowly because I don’t have tons of time, either. :)

  28. says

    What’s really sad is that all the Pokemon merch in the US is not even a quarter of what exists in Japan, and Pokemon is not even the most merch-saturated show over there. That would probably go to either Doraemon or Anpan-man, both cartoons that have been running since the 60’s (!) with their characters on pretty much every imaginable product.

  29. triploblast says

    Don’t worry, I’m starting late too. A childhood friend and I are planning to buy them tomorrow (when we are both free) and start our games at the same time, just like we did with Gold and Silver when we were 11. It’s going to be fantastically nostalgic.Hurray for twenty-something Pokémon fans! :D

  30. says

    My 8 year old boy is into Pokemon and I saw quite a bit of the show when I was younger. We have intense discussions about Team Rocket, legendary Pokemon, etc.

  31. Doug says

    I wish they’d make a pokemon download for the PC. Doesn’t even have to be multiplayer; just not DS… of course that’s because I don’t have a DS

  32. Lee says

    I haven’t played a full pokemon game since maybe Silver. :( how i miss it. I hope you become the best. The very best, that no one ever was.

  33. Gold says

    I never even imagined that this would be possible. My generation has reproduced and can talk to their kids about it because the show is STILL going? Oh my science, the implications.

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