There’s just no there there on Benghazi


I understand there are readers here who, by now, think I’m a hyper-partisan neurotic writer wanna-be prima donna asshole. Hi, thanks for reading. Partisan and the other stuff, yeah maybe. Hyper? Probably not. And imo I’m moderately partisan for a good reason; we have a party deeply compromised by big money that fucks over their base from time to time causing everything from short term disgust to permanent nausea, and then there’s a bug fuck crazy party composed of scads of lunatics and — not sure if this is worse or better — sociopathic grifters shamelessly peddling mind numbing, bug fuck crazy destructive nonsense for a shred of profit of any kind. It’s an easy choice at the ballot box.

Maybe that does color my perception. I’m intellectually honest enough to recognize the possibility. Then something like right-wing Benghazi-hysteria rears its ugly head on a regular basis and reminds me that, no, I’m right and they really are shameless destructive sociopaths: [Read more…]

A drone too far

MQ-9 Reaper in flight


The case that drones are no more or no less moral than a SEAL team with orders to blow someone’s head off is, I think, an easy one to make. Bombs or bullets, manned or unmanned, the intent and motivation are the same. But a leaked DoJ document now posted online written with drones in mind could conceivably be used for any kind of force against anyone for any reason, or no reason at all. That’s not a drone issue, that’s a constitutional issue where the implications are chilling: [Read more…]