Romney has some splain’n to do

The tape that was heard around the world is still circling the global net today. In it Mitt Romney basically calls out half of us as being parasitic moochers who pay no tax and for whom he isn’t concerned with. I’d very much like Romney to walk in my shoes for one month to see just how lazy and entitled I am … Anywho, that’s music to the ears of the trust fund and vulture cap brigades. What might not go over so well is the man in whose home Romney made those remarks: [Read more…]

Romney to Founding Fathers: You didn’t build that

Speaking in front of a dazed and confused grassroots conservative crowd today, Mitt Romney waded into the usual rhetorical gumbo so favored by the right, saying that America was the best economy in the world because of our freedom, and he mentioned that good ole chestnut, ‘rights don’t come from government, they come from God-eh’! Now, elementary logic here: [Read more…]

Bain to the soon to be ousourced: So long and xièxie for all the fish

If you work hard you will succeed. That’s been the clarion call for Mittens et al, often wielded against Obama in hope of stirring up working class resentment. But in the nit and grit of Ryan-Romney’s real America, coming soon to a community near you if they win in November, hard-working lifetime employees at an electronics factory have one last job before they hit the unemployment lines: training their Chinese replacements: [Read more…]

Maybe Romney took too much LDS in the 60s

(H/T for the ingenious title to reader Feralboy12 ) To really get insight into Romney’s incessant memory lapses, last night a panelist on MSNBC relayed a story from the 90s when Romney ran against Ted Kennedy for a MA senate seat and had to convince voters he wasn’t a wingnut. Word is Mittens got all bleary-eyed during a campaign event of some sort, saying he knew a woman who died from a back-alley abortion. So he would always uphold a women’s right to choose, even adding, “on that you will not see me waver.”  That’s how big of a credibility and/or mental recall problem Romney already had. Or, the other possibility is that Mitt just lies a lot. This week that practice may have finally caught up to him: [Read more…]

Did Romney perjure himself?

Update: it’s getting ugly fast. According to documents and statements signed and made by Romney he was a sole shareholder, CEO, president, and drew a mininum of 100k/year salary … but he didn’t work there, no, not at all. Holy smokes, that’s his story, and wouldn’t you love that fucking job? So he was either lying to shareholders and the SEC, unlikely, or he’s been lying through his teeth for the last several years to media and the entire nation, which I hereby decree is a near metaphysical certainty.

We briefly discussed Mitt’s Bain reign and why it both poses a problem for him and servers as an illustration of the many versions of Romney. It turns out he may have also told two exclusive tales under de facto oath. America blog connects the dots: [Read more…]