Mormons to fast and pray for Mitt’s debate next week

If this is The Plan, we may be OK. Because nothing fails quite like not-so-ancient magic rituals:

Buzzfeed— The plan — which is not endorsed by the politically neutral Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — is laid out in an email inviting like-minded Mormons to fast on September 30th with the purpose of bringing God’s blessings to Romney as he heads into the presidential debates.

The name of the original author of the e-mail was redacted in both versions sent to BuzzFeed, but sources who have received it said it has reached Latter-day Saints in Utah, California, Nevada, and Colorado at least.

“I am asking you to join me and my family on Sunday Sept. 30 by fasting and praying for Mitt Romney,” the author writes. “That he will be blessed in the debates, which will be held starting Oct. 3rd. I know that seems like such a small thing, but I believe ‘from small things, great things can come about.'”


  1. subbie says

    To counter their efforts, I will spend the day eating normally and not praying the least little bit. Then we’ll see which god is more powerful, that of the Mormans, or mine, which I don’t even believe in.

  2. says

    Because God won’t help Mitt Romney unless you supplicate Him … a lot. Although the GOP is all about recognising and bowing the head to the great creator of the universe, insufficient prostration is likely to encourage Him to aid His own mortal enemy, Obama.

  3. gratch says

    ‘from small things, great things can come about.’ Isn’t that from Prometheus? Does the LDS owe Ridley Scott money now? Meh, even Prometheus was more believable than the Book of Mormon.

  4. The Lorax says

    I’m rather interested in seeing the debates. Obama nailed them, but then, he was going up against McCain. Romney might pull off a final shake of the Etch-a-sketch and become super charismatic, or he might be a mumbling, bumbling word-salad that would make Palin blush.

    That’s the problem with Romney; we can’t count him out. You never know what he’s going to become next!

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