Can all Factcheck’s horses & all the Post’s men put the Bain story together again?

In addition to Mitt’s squirrely story over his non work at Bain capital after 1999, two so-called fact checkers have been snared in the sticky web. Brooks Jackson at Annenberg’s and the Post’s Glenn Kessler may have started out in good faith, but since then both have been engaging a lot less in fact checking and a lot more in what looks like covering their and Romney’s ass for a bad call early on. Robert Parry writing at the Consortium takes them down hard: [Read more…]

Maybe Romney took too much LDS in the 60s

(H/T for the ingenious title to reader Feralboy12 ) To really get insight into Romney’s incessant memory lapses, last night a panelist on MSNBC relayed a story from the 90s when Romney ran against Ted Kennedy for a MA senate seat and had to convince voters he wasn’t a wingnut. Word is Mittens got all bleary-eyed during a campaign event of some sort, saying he knew a woman who died from a back-alley abortion. So he would always uphold a women’s right to choose, even adding, “on that you will not see me waver.”  That’s how big of a credibility and/or mental recall problem Romney already had. Or, the other possibility is that Mitt just lies a lot. This week that practice may have finally caught up to him: [Read more…]

Did Romney perjure himself?

Update: it’s getting ugly fast. According to documents and statements signed and made by Romney he was a sole shareholder, CEO, president, and drew a mininum of 100k/year salary … but he didn’t work there, no, not at all. Holy smokes, that’s his story, and wouldn’t you love that fucking job? So he was either lying to shareholders and the SEC, unlikely, or he’s been lying through his teeth for the last several years to media and the entire nation, which I hereby decree is a near metaphysical certainty.

We briefly discussed Mitt’s Bain reign and why it both poses a problem for him and servers as an illustration of the many versions of Romney. It turns out he may have also told two exclusive tales under de facto oath. America blog connects the dots: [Read more…]

Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, wtf was Romney thinking

Mitt Romney addressed and it was a trainwreck. He was booed and openly heckled, applause was tepid and halting (Word is the Romney campaign made sure some supporters attended, maybe they were just too embarassed to clap at times). Funniest goddamn thing: At several points, after it was clear just how bad this would be, someone on the organ keyed dramatic notes in a sort of comedic pitch, the kind you hear when a bad guy wearing a black fedora is twirling his mustache. I can’t imagine who in the Romney campaign thought this was  a good idea, but they were wrong.

Aside from that, the speech was full of the usual whoppers, main difference being Mittens wasn’t speaking to the indoctrinated ditto heads he typically enjoys. Politico has a recap of some of it here.

Mitt’s Bain reign

There is a mini debate over how long Mitt Romney worked at Bain Capital. Reason being, while Bain did the usual nasty raider shit before Romney’s self reported departure in Feb 99, some of the more politically damaging activity occurred after. David Corn at Mother Jones makes a great point, opposing other orgs that side with the Romney campaign: in document after document, over 60 total, filed with the SEC and subject to penalty of perjury, Mitt Romney is named in one way or another as a principal well after the date in question: [Read more…]