Romney’s back on the small government kick

Ah yes, the inevitable small government BS regularly regurgitated by conservatives whenever there’s a program helping regular folks they would rather redirect to the offshore accounts of uber-rich people, like Romney. Wherein people hear small government and think maybe there’ll be less in the way of speeding tickets or red tape at the DMV, and actually end up with dirtier water and air, and less protection for their hard-won rights and savings. And that’s assuming Mittens’ means it, which given the video below, is debatable.


  1. Skip White says

    The problem isn’t necessarily the size of government, or the number of government employees in many cases. Want shorter lines at the DMV? Expand operating hours, hire more workers, and encourage online filing and printing of forms. Small-government types always seem to forget that government jobs are still jobs, and that cutting spending across the board will end up cutting jobs. The solution in a lot of areas is better communication between agencies, restructuring to eliminate redundant layers of government, and targeted funding cuts when accusations of waste are sufficiently supported by evidence. Of course, that takes several sentences, whereas “SOCIALISM!” is one word.

  2. gshelley says

    Small government, unless it involved government employees losing their jobs, in which case he seems to be against it. Or at least is happy to use that as something to criticise Obama

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