Abs of steel, ribs of glass?

I was worried I might have another heart complication, and there’s still a possibility something is amiss there. I see the cardiologist again on Thursday for more tests. But, as it turns out, the symptoms may be due to over activity: I’ve now lost a full 50 pounds since last Dec, plus gained probably five or six pounds of good lean muscle in the bargain. That didn’t happen by accident; at age 51, post heart surgery and suffering from a disabling form of rheumatoid arthritis, it’s a thin line to walk between healthy exercise and repetitive injury.

I’ve been having some really ugly pains in both bottom ribs, especially on the right, wrapping all the way around to my spine like a band of red hot steel sometimes. Which might not sound too worrisome as far as sides from a heart pax perspective, except when I had the freak heart attack last year it did manifest itself in nearly the same region. My concern is the AS (Anklyosing spondalitis) may be messing with the stent, or its closing up on its own, causing growing pain in a similar place. But I was just told it’s equally likely over working my middle-aged body played a big role. Workouts which happen to include an insane amount of ab work because, well I’ll just admit it, I’m insecure and a decent six-pack makes me feel a tiny bit better. Plus, regular exercise is one of the best ways to treat AS. Alas, that practice may have caused a separation in the myriad rib-ab connections and AS exacerbated it.

But if that’s all it is, that I can handle, with ease.

They say you can never be too rich or too thin. One of the few silver linings of my sudden plunge into poverty is I only eat what I should. Ergo, I’m getting thin. I won’t ever be rich. But knowing that dozens of nameless faceless strangers, some of whom I’ve no doubt offended over the years, still cared enough to kick in to support me and this crazy atheist blogging habit, is not a bad substitute at all. It feels real good man. Thanks.


  1. says

    Funny thing, I was so desperate to figure out what was going on, at some point I considered maybe I was having some sort of rebound or mild withdrawal from all the pain-killers I usually have to take and Googled it a couple of times. So, now my ad margins on every website are full of offers to get me safely off of heroin …

  2. catlover says

    I am soooo sorry you are going trough all this crap. I wish I could help.

    Re: ads: If you use FireFox, there is a free add-on that blocks all ads:
    Adblock Plus. I never see any ads since I downloaded this add-on,
    Don’t know how to block ads on any other browser.

  3. moonglaive says

    I’ve been going through something similar. We’ve been bouncing around for a few months trying to figure out a diagnosis — currently on psoriatic arthritis — and the doc’s suggestion was to lose weight to manage the joint pain. Could it be tendonitis or tenosynovitis? As I lose weight and gain muscle my posture shifts, but it doesn’t seem to take much to cause terrible inflammation in one area that triggers a full flareup.

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