Another jobs Monday come and gone


It is a weekly ritual for millions of us now. Scan all the boards for newly posted openings on Monday mornings. I usually start at about 6 AM and apply for anything I haven’t already hit — and I have hit anything more than a few days old. Today’s pickings were slim though. After filtering out scams and other crap, maybe half a dozen legit new job postings remained in total, probably because of a looming holiday weekend ironically called Labor Day. Half those remaining probably paid $14/hr or less.

One of the few new jobs posted that looked better than average was content provider for a rapidly growing, local start-up. Required skills include the ability to quickly, accurately research, format, and post relevant articles with short turn around times (They actually said one or two days per piece; I almost made a wry remark that that would be a luxury to someone like me who is used to having a few minutes to an hour or two at best), a working knowledge of WordPress and other new media platforms, facility for promoting that material on social media and generating page hits, managing onsite comment threads, internal emails from readers, and lending a hand with writing and editing material for external email lists. There are some more specific requirements I won’t go into out of respect for the company’s identity. But one of the listed pluses was the ability to write less technically and more creatively to appeal to a broader audience.

In essence they’re looking for a veteran pro blogger with sales, tech, and customer support experience who can grab a reader’s attention in the opening graf and leverage that with good writing and SEO or other promo skills, to convey solutions to a variety of complex software and hardware issues. In short, I am awfully qualified for this as described. Which means, just like dozens of similar jobs I have applied for this year alone, it’s a long shot if they will even have time to read my resume, much less send a form rejection letter.


  1. M can help you with that. says

    Job listings I find that sound like that all seem to turn out to be about producing quickie articles for a fake site intended to fool search-engine algorithms rather than anything actually intended to be read by humans. How do you sort out the genuine ones from the garbage?

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