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I just got a Windows upgrade and my PC is running like a top. Pages are opening like lightning. I hadn’t realized just how bad it had gotten, this old desktop dinosaur is loved, but it had become an obstacle between me and whatever webpage I tried to visit. I can feel pent up stress melting away. So, I have to write something and what better than what other webpages think about FTB?

Urban Dictionary — A bunch of whiny attention whores. They claim to do all sorts of great things for the atheist movement, yet all they do is bitch and moan about supposed misogyny that doesn’t exist. They manufacture controversies just so they can get more traffic and earn more ad revenue. If anyone dares to call the site out on their bullshit, the writers will send their moronic fans after them to bully them into silence. See Justin Vacula for an example of this bullying.

Gosh, I can’t imagine who wrote that …

Rational Wiki — Post-Elevatorgate, Freethought Blogs is seen as one of the strongest and most prominent supporters of the feminist position within the atheist/skeptic movement. PZ Myers and other contributors frequently post about the continuing controversy, often strongly attacking those on the other side of the question, and their members include a number of second- and third-wave feminist skeptics, including Ophelia Benson, Greta Christina, Jen McCreight, Taslima Nasreen,[4] Zinnia Jones, and Stephanie Zvan. As a result, the ongoing war over sexism in the skeptical and atheist communities is a major part of the subject matter on the site, and sexism (a result of unexamined prejudices) is treated as just as much woo as any other; this has resulted in the creation of the Atheism Plus movement, a form of secular humanism focusing on skepticism and social justice issues.

Heresy Club — I’m not sucking up to them. Okay, I am a bit. But you know why? Because FtB is, personally, my favourite atheist site by a long, long way.

Now, clearly my opinion is just that: personal, subjective, an opinion. But for all the accusations of throwing their weight around, there’s a reason FtB has weight: it’s extremely popular. None of these people have to read it, and I’m not asking you to read it if you’re reading this. In fact, I’m not even asking you to like it.



  1. leftwingfox says

    Gosh, I can’t imagine who wrote that …

    Nope, uh-uh, no idea whatsoever. *rolleyes*

    Glad to hear the update went well. Windows 8 or a reinstall?

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Oddly enough, the person who contributed that definition has no other credits at all to his nym on urbandictionary.com.

    Fwiw, 4 of the 6 proffered definitions of “mansplain” there are reasonable, but the ratio is reversed in favor of the MRA view for “mansplaining”.

    Opportunity knocketh: “slymepit” is as yet undefined…

  3. maudell says

    Seriously. FTBullies should realize that:

    a)There’s really only one blogger here (PZecca Mytson, sometimes posing as Stephalia Bensvan)

    b)Standing up to people setting up entire blogs and apparently spending most of their time to defame them is the clear act of a professional victim attention whore

    c)Atheists are by definition not sexist, therefore they must call women atheists c*nts that deserve to be raped, because free speech (and because it’s hilarious amarite?).

    /sarcasm (obviously)

  4. A Hermit says

    the ongoing war over sexism in the skeptical and atheist communities is a major part of the subject matter on the site

    Well it turns up fairly frequently on some of the blogs mentioned there, but that ignores the other 20+ blogs on the site. Sexism IS an important topic, but it doesn’t get a disproportionate amount of attention here.

    Once in a while I like to do a round up of what’s being discussed on FtB and compare it to what’s going on at, say, the slymepit. There’s always an interesting and varied array of topics being discussed here. and the Slymepit is almost always whining about someone in PZ’s comments being a poopyhead…

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