A delightful Oddity from Space

Recorded on the ISS … And I thought Tebowie was good?


  1. bryanfeir says

    Yeah, there’s a reason a lot of Canadians have been following Hadfield during his tenure as the station Commander, and not just out of nationalistic pride. He’s been very big on popularizing activity in space, and making use of his position to do so. The fact that he’s fairly personable, and actually a decent singer, helps a lot.

    Yes, he had his guitar brought with him to the space station. (And, to nobody’s surprise, Larrivée Guitars has already been publicizing the fact that it was one of their guitars he used.)

    Of course, that was his last act up there, and he’s on his way back to Earth right now, having handed over the Commander’s position to Pavel Vinogradov.

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