Marathon bomb suspect in custody: now media backpedals

Update: Now CNN and NBC are backing off saying there are suspects police want to bring in and talk to but no arrests have been made.

Not much to add, details are sketchy, and remember the Centennial Olympic bombing where they guy they strongly suspected turned out to be completely innocent:

TPM — A suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody Wednesday in a breakthrough that came less than 48 hours after the deadly attack, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation said Wednesday.The official spoke shortly after several media outlets reported that a suspect had been identified from surveillance video taken at a Lord & Taylor store between the sites of the two bomb blasts, which killed three people and wounded more than 170.

The official was not authorized to divulge details of the investigation and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. The suspect was expected at a Boston courthouse under heavy security, the official said.

So now we all wait. Hoping the psycho’s can’t be linked to our specific ideology even loosely with some licking their chops hoping to link them to the other guy’s politics and causes.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    According to NBCNews, this report is inaccurate — they have video of the guy leaving a bomb, but nobody has been taken into custody.

  2. dean says

    Officials (FBI, Justice Department, Boston Police) are now (3:00 pm) saying no arrest has been made.

  3. busterggi says

    Is Lord & Taylor a known terrorist hang-out?

    Seriously why pick that particular store?

  4. unbound says

    @3 – Likely one of their external cameras happens to have a good angle to see the people.

  5. says

    @3 – There just happens to be a Lord & Taylor on a corner near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. If this is the guy, maybe he was waiting there because the location suited his needs. Maybe, as was said above, the external camera was just well placed.

  6. slc1 says

    This is an example of the lamestream media jumping the gun, trying to be the first to break a story. Apparently, CNN was the lead jumper, followed by the fascist news channel and then other outlets. It would appear that the FBI does have someone in their crosshairs, based on the alleged video from the Lord and Taylor camera, but have not yet made an arrest.

  7. says

    It would appear that the FBI does have someone in their crosshairs, based on the alleged video from the Lord and Taylor camera, but have not yet made an arrest.

    Which means the guy, recognising that time is short before he *will* be arrested, might decide to do something drastic (like a mass shooting), might escape instead of going about his regular routine, might be prepared for cops to come to his home with a booby trap or suicide bomb etc. All because the media cares more about getting a scoop than peoples’ lives.

  8. dean says

    “Maybe, as was said above, the external camera was just well placed.”

    One person interviewed stated that AND added that the store’s security cameras were better quality than others in the area, with better pictures

  9. cope says


    You have always seemed to be a pretty level-headed fellow and I enjoy your blog every day. However, this is exactly the kind of event which cries out for folks to stand back and wait for something concrete to be released before responding. With your strong science/skeptic background, you should have waited for better information before posting this message.

    I turned our the local (decidedly liberal) talk radio program on my way home from school today because they were just going on and on about something nobody actually seemed to know anything about.

    The total amount of internet verbiage that will be/has been posted based on hearsay is staggering. Please don’t fall into the trap of trying to beat everybody else (’cause you never will) to the punch by posting whatever seems to be the most dramatic interpretation of events.

    I hold you, of all people, to a higher standard.



  10. cope says

    “Steven”, rather than “Andrew”.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to mis-address you that way…

  11. says

    I know, I know … and I honestly don’t know what to think now.

    But in defense of bloggers the sphere over, especially me, that story was widely reported on venues with a million times the resources at our puny disposals’.

  12. says

    Yep, I made the faux pas of passing along inaccurate reports from CNN news to FB friends.

    I hope that gives everyone a little more sympathy for the people trying to say what was going on in Benghazi in the immediate aftermath of an attack.

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