What PZ said, Malkin’s gang have some serious apologizing to do

Chris PZ is right. And it’s not just Michelle Malkin, right wing thugs regularly beat up on teachers as over paid parasites using children as pawns. Demonizing teachers has become epidemic in the failing conservative movement, it’s time they were called to account.


  1. comfychair says

    I hate to be all apocalyptic (and I’d love some convincing arguments that would cheer me up about this), but they aren’t going to stop. They aren’t going to be satisfied until they get another civil war, to avenge their thumpin’ in the last one, which they also didn’t learn anything from. They don’t react well to reality. They’re congenitally incapable of doing anything other than looking at a problem, and picking the one solution that will make the problem worse in the worst possible way. Sometimes it seems their only guiding ideology is to take whatever ‘the lib’ruls’ say, and then calling for the exact opposite, just because. They don’t know why they are anti- anything, other than those other guys are for it. If that radical Trotskyist Obama signed an executive order tomorrow mandating that all citizens burn a big ol’ pile of coal in their front yards, they would go out and buy truckloads of those wimpy spiral light bulbs they so hated yesterday. Make TruckNutz illegal, and they will march on the Capitol for the right to sit down when they pee like all real red-blooded ‘Murcans should, duh.

    I mean, fuck’s sake, they think poor people crashed their ecomony because they were out there buying houses they knew they couldn’t afford.

    They are deeply disturbed and all evidence shows they are extremely dangerous when cornered. And they’re definitely feeling cornered.

  2. octoberfurst says

    I totally agree Comfychair. When I go peek at the conservative sites to see what the other side is thinking–i.e. Worldnetdaily, FreeRepublic, etc– I find them brimming with rage. They think that Obama is a Marxist, Islamist, Nazi, God-hating Kenyan who is probably the Anti-Christ. Reality has no place in their world. They truly believe the election was stolen and think that Obama is going to put all the true red-blooded Americans in FEMA camps. (By “true red-blooded Americans” they mean right-wing, Christian White Americans.) They see their world crumbling with gays being allowed to get married, Obamacare being the law of the land, non-White immigrants coming here in droves, etc. It’s driving them nuts.
    The problem is that these crazies are heavily armed and are just itching for some sort of civil war where they can vanquish the evil liberals once and for all. I see them posting that they need to “lock & load” because a war is going to break out any day now. They actually believe that. And they can’t be reasoned with. I know, I have tried. I have been called an “Obama Kool Aid drinker”, an “America hater” and “Godless”. (They last one I agree with. LOL.) I fear for the future of America because a large chunk of our country is batshit crazy. Time will tell.

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