The goddess girl was burried alive

Weird stories about gods and goddesses are very common in India.
A girl was buried alive, but her parents claim that she was a goddess. People started coming from all over the country to see the new shrine of a goddess.
It is so easy to make superstitious people fool.


  1. Jeanette says

    That is absolutely horrendous! I cannot believe what is done to women all over the world. Men get off scot free, while women and girls are treated like shit. Being buried alive is one of the most terrible ways to die (as well as being beheaded..) These men are savages, and need to be brought to justice.

  2. Def Ana says

    Lack of literacy in rural areas is still a big issue. Reminds of the sati tradition where widows used to be burnt alive with the cremation of their husbands bodies. Guess it takes time to educate 1.2 billion people with limited funds and corrupt leaders but we will get their Taslima, with people like you bringing more awareness into the society…

    • Fan says

      Dear Def Ana,
      Wrong statement. Sati was only practiced by wives whose husbands died in battle during moghul rule where their husbands were fighting muslim conquerors. Islam permits winners to take over the wives and family of the vanquished as Sex Slaves(females). These females did not want to become sex slaves of the muslim conquerors and preferred to die. India is one country that in spite of several centuries of muslim rule remained Hindu due to their fighting spirit and refusal to convert by large. Persia/Andalusia/Egypt/Assyria etc succumbed withing a few years.

      • Srishti says

        nope. punjab was overrun with invaders , as was delhi and gujrat. only rajasthan has/had sati as they were descendants of huns.

        • Srishti says

          And the Mughal Empire collapsed centuries ago,after Aurungzeb. Why gave they done it for another 500 yrs? It’s the family’s way of getting rid of a widow, since they can’t let them leave the house to earn and don’t want to feed them. Nobody’s putting a gun to their heads to do it. Also only Rajputs who have property do this,non-Rajputs don’t.

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