Serious death threats.

I get death threats almost everyday. But there are some death threats that really make me feel scared. Recently I revived 3 threats of beheading from ISIS, al-Qaeda’s Nusra front, and an ISIS supporter on twitter after I protested against ISIS beheadings. They later deleted those tweets or blocked me.




  1. BN says

    True humanists like you are indispensable in this world.

    It’s disturbing that stuff like this remains confined to blogs and twitter and doesn’t raise much media attention.

    Anyways, stay safe, okay?

  2. NoOne says

    They will get the attention they seek eventually. Too bad they can’t figure something better to do with their time on earth.

  3. Qazi Sheikh Sadi says

    We need you verymuch for the sake of increase mental power for our feminists who get inspire from you.

  4. Ariel says

    I will not say that I can imagine what you feel … because I can’t. It’s beyond the limits of my imagination. All I will say is: you are incredible and it feels good to know that people like you exist. All the best, Taslima.

  5. officalvillageidiot says

    The next time these wankers threaten you, just re-direct them to me here in Wallaroo and we will see how brave they are when its time to stand up to Crippled Ex-serviceman they just have ask for Simps its a small town in South Australia.
    Remember only cowards threaten women online

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