Girls in captivity!

The three girls, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight, who were kidnapped and trapped in a house, were maybe tied up for weeks for months, , but I would not think they were tied up for 10 long years and did not get a chance at all to escape. When the abuser left the house for work, most likely the girls were alone in the house. One of the girls even gave birth to a baby 6 years ago. She was probably not tied up during her late pregnancy. The little girl was not probably tied up for 6 years. The question is, why they did not scream for help or tried to escape when they were not chained or gagged. They could break a door or a window. Doors were maybe locked but windows were not locked.

We should not forget that Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard also did not try to escape. Elzabeth Smart was 14 when she was taken from her bed in the middle of the night by Brian David Mitchell, who claimed her as his bride and sexually abused her for nine months. Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped by Phillip Garrido on her way to school at age 11, and imprisoned for 18 years, giving birth to two children. Both Smart and Dugard had several opportunities to escape. Mitchell took Smart to parties and restaurants. Dugard spoke to Garrido’s parole officer and worked at his printing business. This kind of situation is not uncommon among those who have been held against their will for long periods of time. Just like most housewives and many working women who are forced to live with their abuser husbands against their will.



Missing Women Found


Some psychologists say:

“Victimised women are separated by their captors from all of the people and experiences that they’ve had that would contribute to a) self-esteem and b) their self confidence and their identity.”

“The tactics used by abductors are designed to make their captives feel worthless, powerless and afraid.”

“Usually there is some physical restraint, but eventually that’s substituted for by the techniques similar to what cults use: mind control, threats.”

“There can be such a wide range of abuse that a victim who is no longer viciously abused may feel gratitude towards their captor”.

“On the other hand, they’re also afraid that if they try to escape and fail, all those conditions which are at the moment tolerable will become intolerable.”

“Dugard told that she didn’t try to escape because: “What I knew was safe. The unknown out there was terrifying.”

“The sexual abuse is humiliating, demeaning, makes you feel not very good about yourself. It instils a sense of hopelessness.”

“Amanda Berry’s call to 911 may have been telling. “I’m Amanda Berry,” she said. “I’ve been on the news for the last 10 years. That sense of self – and that people were looking for her – may have helped give her the confidence to leave.”

“There is a sense of abandonment if you think the search has stopped. And that fear is often played up by abductors, who tell captors their families have stopped looking. But Berry knew she hadn’t been forgotten, and that may have given her the strength to fight for freedom.”

“This will be with them for a long time, and possibly forever. They are going to have nightmares. They may feel suspicious of other people, strangers, men in particular.”

“They will have to readjust from a life in captivity to a life in the real world, complete with sounds, smells, and people crowding around them. They are basically bombarded with stimulation after a long time of having very little.”

“It took 10 years for the three women in Cleveland to find their way out of the door and into the light. And it may take them many more years to adjust to the change.”

Psychologists make sense.

Islamists burn the Quran


People were killed. Many were injured day before yesterday. Islamists threw stones at police, set fire to private and public property.

There were rows of bookstalls selling old books there even until Sunday noon. Hifazat-e Islam’s violent blockade of Dhaka on Sunday has gutted almost 40 of these decades-old bookstores along with thousands of its collections.

The bookstores on the opposite footpath and also those under the over bridge, seemed to have shared the same fate.

The loss continues with Hifazat supporters setting fire to another 11 stores located beside the south gate of the National Mosque Baitul Mukarram during their program Sunday. Followers of Hifazat who claim to be the keepers of Islam did not even spare the Holy Quran, books of Hadith and other religious books. The blackened pages of the holy scripture of Islam now lie scattered as ash under the pedestrian feet.

The bereaved booksellers said supporters of Hifazat-e Islam had set fire to almost 55 bookstores. Beyond 50,000 books worth approximately Tk 10 million have been destroyed in the abrupt arson attack on Sunday.

The people who had gathered to see the sight were erupting with disgust for those who assert themselves as ‘keepers of Islam’ but are also desecrators’ of the holy book of Islam.

They burned everything that they found around the streets, buses, trucks, shops. They burned thousands of copies of the Quran. The burning of the Quran, I believe, is the best thing they have ever done. No ordinary Muslim would dare to burn the Quran. But the Islamists are brave enough to do whatever they like. Who knows more than the leaders of the Islamists that the words of the holy book are not really holy. All they want is the crown. They use holy books to build a ladder to reach the crown.

‘Why not, not eat pigs together!’

Israel bombed Syria.

Syria warned Israel.

Jews and Muslims hate each other a lot. But both Jews and Muslims have a great deal in common in the way they perceive their respective histories. Judaism developed as a monotheistic religion in the Middle East in the 12th century BCE. Islam originated in the 7th century CE. But Judaism and Islam, the two religions share similar values, guidelines, and principles. Hebrew and Arabic, the languages of Jews and Muslims are both Semitic languages.

Let’s see the similarities between the Jews and the Muslims.

The Bible and the Quran are having almost the same stories but the names are changed little bit for the Quran to make it different from the Bible. Adam and Eve of the Bible are Adam and Hawwaa in the Quran. Cain and Abel are Qabil and Habil. Noah is Nuh. Joseph is Yusuf. Moses is Musa. Korah is Qarun. Saul,David and Golith are Talut, Dawud and Galut. Jonah is Yunus. Zachariah and John are Zakariya and Yahya. Mary is Maryam. Jesus is Isa.

Muslims adopted almost all Jews and Christian practices and rituals.
Jews and Muslims both perform circumcision,an ancient Egyptian practice. Both wear hats or caps and beards. Both hate women. Both slaughter animals using the same painful method to get halal and kosher meat. And both do not eat pigs. They should try to get some peace on the basis of their common ground.

I like Tim Minchin for writing wonderful songs. His Palestine anthem or the pig song is one of my favourites.

‘We don’t eat pigs,
You don’t eat pigs,
It seems it’s been that way forever

So if you don’t eat pigs,
And we don’t eat pigs,
Why not, not eat pigs together?’

Islam is a handicapped religion. Can’t survive without supports.

Half a million Hefazat-e-Islam supporters gathered in the city yesterday, where they set fire to shops and vehicles.

The supporters of Hefazat-e-Islam or the protectors of Islam want to hang atheists. The government already arrested them for their crime of being atheists. But Hefazats are not happy. They want to kill them. Their main agenda is to kill atheists. They have other agendas to make Bangladesh a stupid land of a stupid religion.

13-point demand of Hefazat-e-Islam:

1. Reinstatement of ‘Absolute trust and faith in Allah’ in the constitution of Bangladesh and abolishment of all laws which are in conflict with the values of the Quran and Sunnah

2. Enactment of (anti-defamation) law at the parliament keeping death penalty as the highest form of punishment to prevent defamation of Allah, Muhammad (S.A.W) and Islam, and prevent spreading hate against Muslims (highest penalty prevalent for defamation is 10 years).

3. Immediate end to the negative propaganda by all atheist bloggers in a leading role in the so called Shahbag movement who have defamed Allah, Mohammad (S.A.W), and Islam and their exemplary punishment.

4. End to all alien cultural practices like immodesty, lewdness, misconduct, culture of free mixing of the sexes, candle lighting in the name of personal freedom and free speech.

5. Abolishment of the anti-Islamic inheritance law and the ungodly education policy. Making Islamic education compulsory in all levels from primary to higher secondary.

6. Declaration of Ahmadis as non-Muslims by the government and put a stop to their negative and conspirational activities.

7. Stop instating more statues in the name of sculpture at road intersections and educational institutions to save Dhaka the city of mosques, from becoming the city of statues.

8. Remove all the hassles and obstructions at Baitul Mokarram and all mosques in Bangladesh which prevent Musallis from offering prayer. Also stop creating obstruction for people to attend religious sermons and other religious gatherings.

9. Stop the spread of Islamophobia among the youth through depiction of negative characters on TV plays & movies in religious attire and painting negative stereotypes of the beard, cap and Islamic practices on various media.

10. Stop anti-Islamic activities at Chittagong propagated by several NGO’s and Christian missionaries under guise of religious conversion.

11. End to the massacre, indiscriminate firing and attacks on the prophet loving Muslim scholars, madrassah students and the general public.

12. End to all threats against Islamic scholars, madrassah students and Imams and Muslim clerics of mosques throughout the country.

13 Immediate and unconditional release of all detained Islamic scholars, madrassah students and members of the general public and withdrawal of all false cases filed against them. Compensation to families of all injured and deceased and exemplary punishment to all those responsible.

Allah is unable to protect himself and his religion. So, the government and some NGOs are working to protect Allah as well as Islam. The second largest political party in Bangladesh supports Islam and Islamists. The third largest political party also supports them. The government of Bangladesh has already taken action against whoever criticizes Islam. It looks like most people in Bangladesh try to protect Islam. Islam turns into a handicapped religion which can not survive without supports.

Ignorant insane humans!

We take care of our fellow ignorant humans. We defend their right to be insane.They use that right to violate our right to be sane.

A bunch of ignorant insane humans have been occupying Bangladesh and demanding the execution of atheist bloggers. They want laws against blasphemy. They want no one’s freedom of expression except their own.

Hifazat-e-Islam occupied Bangladesh today.

At least 50 vehicles were set on fire in Dhaka by Hifazat-e-Islam.

Three people were killed.

Death toll tops 600 in Bangladesh garment-factory-building collapse. Islamists do not think it is enough. They have killed some people today and asked the government to kill some more.



They may not be good in English, but they are very good at killing.

No more religious ceremonies!

I am going to give you a very good news. The news is, humanist weddings have become increasingly popular in Scotland, and they may outnumber Church of Scotland weddings if current trends continue. Bravo Scotland!

I have been to a few humanist wedding in Germany and Sweden in ’90s. If I were not against marriage, I would have chosen to have a humanist wedding for myself. I personally know some officiants in Europe who perform secular humanist celebrancy services for weddings, funerals, child naming, confirmation, coming of age ceremonies and other rituals. People in every country should have options to have humanist celebrations for social events.

Humanists want no religious celebrations. ‘Humanists believe that human experience and rational thinking provide the only source of both knowledge and a moral code to live by. They reject the idea of knowledge ‘revealed’ to human beings by gods, or in special books. Most humanists think science provides the only reliable source of knowledge about the universe. And people can live ethical and fulfilling lives without religious beliefs.’

The fundamentals of modern Humanism are:

1. Humanism is ethical. It affirms the worth, dignity and autonomy of the individual and the right of every human being to the greatest possible freedom compatible with the rights of others. Humanists have a duty of care to all of humanity including future generations. Humanists believe that morality is an intrinsic part of human nature based on understanding and a concern for others, needing no external sanction.
2. Humanism is rational. It seeks to use science creatively, not destructively. Humanists believe that the solutions to the world’s problems lie in human thought and action rather than divine intervention. Humanism advocates the application of the methods of science and free inquiry to the problems of human welfare. But Humanists also believe that the application of science and technology must be tempered by human values. Science gives us the means but human values must propose the ends.
3. Humanism supports democracy and human rights. Humanism aims at the fullest possible development of every human being. It holds that democracy and human development are matters of right. The principles of democracy and human rights can be applied to many human relationships and are not restricted to methods of government.
4. Humanism insists that personal liberty must be combined with social responsibility. Humanism ventures to build a world on the idea of the free person responsible to society, and recognizes our dependence on and responsibility for the natural world. Humanism is undogmatic, imposing no creed upon its adherents. It is thus committed to education free from indoctrination.
5. Humanism is a response to the widespread demand for an alternative to dogmatic religion. The world’s major religions claim to be based on revelations fixed for all time, and many seek to impose their world-views on all of humanity. Humanism recognizes that reliable knowledge of the world and ourselves arises through a continuing process. of observation, evaluation and revision.
6. Humanism values artistic creativity and imagination and recognizes the transforming power of art. Humanism affirms the importance of literature, music, and the visual and performing arts for personal development and fulfillment.
7. Humanism is a life stance aiming at the maximum possible fulfillment through the cultivation of ethical and creative living and offers an ethical and rational means of addressing the challenges of our times. Humanism can be a way of life for everyone everywhere.

Atheists, secularists, and humanists should reject religious ceremonies for their weddings, funerals, confirmations etc. Humanist ceremonies are much better, more rational, more meaningful and more beautiful than religious ceremonies.




Human bones prove the first permanent English settlers in North America turned to cannibalism over the cruel winter of 1609-10.

Written documents had previously suggested the desperate colonists resorted to cannibalism – but the discovery of the 14-year-old girl’s bones offers the first scientific proof.

Smithsonian researchers believe the dead child became food for a community struggling to survive the harsh winter of 1609-10, known to historians as the Starving Time.

“There were numerous chops and cuts – chops to the forehead, chops to the back of the skull and also a puncture to the left side of the head that was used to essentially pry off that side,” Dr Owsley said. “The purpose was to extract the brain.”

Someone told me they ate children because it was easier to kill children than adults, they ate girls because it was easier to kill girls than boys, they ate girls because they hated girls.

Is it true? Just curious!

Some unreal women talk about an unreal world


They say: ‘Real women do not need feminism. The problem with feminism is the cultivation of an attitude of victimization. Feminism tries to make women believe they are victims of an oppressive, male-dominated, patriarchal society.’

Do those women try to make women believe society is not patriarchal or male-dominated and women are not oppressed?
Those superficial, silly, stupid, snobbish, selfish unreal women are talking about an unreal world that does not exist. It is like a bunch of delusional people talking about god. I wish they at least knew that without feminist movement they would not be there where they are now. They are not confined to their kitchen and they are speaking their mind.

Miri protested against anti-feminist propaganda.

PZ Myers is angry with anti-feminists.
Ophelia Benson reacted.

Avicenna is angry too.

I would be very happy if patriarchy becomes extinct. But the truth is, it exists. So does misogyny. Sex trafficking, sex slavery, domestic violence, bride burning, bride trade, dowry murder, female infanticide, child marriage, sexual abuse, rape, gang rape, exploitation, stoning, whipping are our everyday reality. Hope those women come out of their imaginary shell to see how real women in real world get tortured and murdered by real men living in real patriarchy.

Women have been fighting for equality and justice for centuries. Not only women, men too. But throughout history misogynist men and women have been very active against women’s basic human rights. Patriarchy would have been extinct long time ago, if anti-feminist misogynist-women did not help men to keep it. It is impossible for men alone to make male dominated society survive without the help of women.