1. Mosharof Mukul says

    Where will our women go? When they work at home they are beaten, abused or raped by the master. But in the age of Globalization, when they come out from the home to do better job for better life then they are trapped by some cruel and greedy peoples. Their working places are not safe, secured and harmony. The can’t find any handsome.remuneration, honour and safety for herself. Fire and building collapse are taking their souls into the grave. Where will they go? Rana plaza was the creation of an idiot and uncivilized person who is a dangerous cadre of our ruling party . So they. should pay the price.

  2. Milon Ahmed. says

    It is Bangladesh. God doesn’t save lives here. God is not for us. He killed us. He is killing us. And he will kill us.

  3. roger ivanhart says

    The latest casualty numbers suggest over 900 dead. And news reports suggest another 100 have died in a fire in a separate building unconnected with the building that collapsed. But I fear all the time people in the West demand cheap clothing without caring where it comes from or the working conditions of those who make it nothing will change.

    • says

      All people in the West are not rich. They need cheaper clothing. I do not think garment workers get a very little amount of salary and have a poor working condition in Bangladesh, because people in the West demand cheap clothing. It is because greedy owners of the companies want to make huge profit.

      • Mujtahidul Haque says

        I agree with Taslima. These businesses are extremely profitable and there is absolutely no reason why the business owners can’t pay their workers more. The same problem exists in developed countries like USA, where corporate profits are skyrocketing but worker pay isn’t getting any better.

      • Jonny Vincent says

        Would not the greedy owners of the companies have a motive to provide resistance to anything that would increase the standard of living for their employees?

        A council of some kind representing foreign investment might find itself blocking anything that increased the standard of living for their slaves cheap labour. And with the governments of these places invariably completely corrupt…

        So yes, that Westerners want cheaper goods is exactly why the 3rd world is forced to squander in that state. Western sociopaths say they care but they reveal their level of caring with their actions and their actions say they DGAF. They just reward companies who compete well.

        Decency was priced out of competition a long, long time ago.

  4. Ononto says

    কিছু ঈশ্বর মরে গেছে , কিছু বিধ্বস্ত উদ্ধার, কিছু অবোলা ঈশ্বর এখনও খুজে চলেছে যা পাবার নয়, কিছু ঈশ্বর বাইজী বাড়ি খুব দুঃখ ভারাক্রান্ত হৃদয়ে যয়বিক প্রাপ্য মিটাই বাকি ঈশ্বরের টাকায় যারা কিনা এমন নাটক রচনা করে।

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