Meyers and Colbert on the election aftermath

Breaking all the norms for his own benefit as usual, Trump held his ‘victory party’ on Tuesday night in the East Room of the White House, which is not supposed to be used for partisan activities. Wednesday evening both Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert discussed the election results so far and had clips about Trump’s weird remarks to his supporters in the White House on election night. [As an aside, I am always captivated by Trump’s weird hand gestures when he talks.]

Here is Meyers. At the 18:20 mark, he shows a clip of Robert Cahaly, a Republican pollster with an outfit called the Trafalgar Group, who asserts without evidence that Pennsylvania has a long history of systemic voter fraud that will steal the election away from Trump. That part is at the 18:20 minute mark.

Cahaly and his associate USC’s Arie Kapteyn were the people I discussed in my pre-election post who had predicted that Trump would win in 2016 because normal polls do not capture the size of the ‘shy Trump’ voter who refuses to tell pollsters whom they are voting for. He had predicted that Trump would win this year too for the same reason and that he had a better way to gauge the size of that group. While partisan pollsters who work for candidates are not uncommon and should not be ignored, Cahaly refuses to divulge his polling methods. While he has to be given credit for correctly prediction the 2016 result, his comments in the clip suggest that he is way down in the Trump rabbit hole.

Here is Colbert.


  1. Who Cares says

    Georgia looks like it is going to be a Biden victory. Once the recount and the subsequent lawsuit(s) pass.
    +917 votes for Biden with less then 15 000 votes (That was the maximum 10 hours earlier from this post) that still need to be counted.

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