Trump will solve all problems by November 2nd

Trump has said that a vaccine for covid-19 will be available in October, a wildly unrealistic scenario. It is clearly an election vote-grabbing strategy As the clock ticks down to the election on November 3, we can expect Trump to make more and more extravagant promises in an effort to convince his supporters that his presidency has not been a colossal failure in pretty much every area other than making the wealthy much wealthier.

Between now and election day, we can expect him to promise that by election day he will end the wars Afghanistan and Iraq, produce a comprehensive new health care plan, solve the immigration issue, find a cure for cancer, and send astronauts to Mars and have them come back. Unrealistic, you say? Don’t you realize that you have to believe for good things to come true?

Samantha Bee takes on his promise that a vaccine will be found within the next few weeks.


  1. consciousness razor says

    Trump has said that a vaccine for covid-19 will be available in October

    But I already have a whole gallon of bleach. I could pick up some Tide pods to be extra safe, but maybe they’re not really worth it.

    I have heard some conflicting reports … should it be only the ramen flavor packets, or do I use the noodles as well? Anyway, the really challenging part will be getting blind drunk first and then sacrificing a goat. I’m not a medical expert, but I’m betting that doing it the other way around will still be just as effective.

  2. Joel Grant says

    Assume the near-impossible and that there is a viable vaccine before the election. Why would anyone credit Trump for this achievement? I understand everyone believes this would give Trump a boost and let’s assume it will. My question is: why?

    A vaccine would not change the utter disaster of his presidency, and the murderous results of his failed pandemic response.

    What the hell does Trump have to do with any vaccines anyway?

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Would any other politician make a false promise that will predictably be exposed as such before the election?

    Would any other politician’s followers accept such a promise unwaveringly and maintain their loyalty after such exposure?

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