Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020)

She was resolute in her determination to uphold liberal and humane values on the US Supreme Court and her death today will be felt keenly. There is really nothing that I can say in praise of this magnificent jurist that will not be said much better by people who knew her well and have studied her career closely.

The only thing I can say is how saddened I am by the news.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    And all her good works can be undone if Trump manages to push through another Supreme Court appointment.

  2. Holms says

    She’s been in and out of hospitals now for months if not years, and she could have retired to give her last years some peace and rest. You can lay any money that the only reason she didn’t retire was because she knew exactly what would happen:

    Report on NBC: McConnell released a statement saying that the Senate will hold hearings and vote on Trump’s nominee.

    Who knows how much extra time she could have had if she let herself rest. She denied herself an easeful end because she knew the importance of keeping her seat out of Republican hands. It is impossible not to respect that selfless effort.

  3. What did you think would happen? says

    Those women who refused to vote for Clinton so they could cling to their perceived “purity” can now worry that if they need life-saving healthcare for a pregnancy gone disastrously wrong…or simply want to plan when they get pregnant…they won’t be allowed. If the republicans can push through their chioce, that will be the first right to go. Nice going, don’t you feel so pure and righteous now?

  4. Tadas says

    Now is not the time for filling a Supreme Court position. The nation has suffered a tragic loss and needs time to grieve. Say, 4 months?

  5. ilr1950 says

    Im terrified by this -- just when I thought the worst thing that could happen in the remainder of 2020 was to have that orange idiot re-elected. We can just hope some Republicans show some common decency -- fat chance of that -- and refuse to let Trump and McConnell force another Reich wing extremist down our throats. When Biden is in office (I cant let myself think of Trump getting another 4 years) then Kavanaugh needs to be impeached for committing perjury during the hearings on his federal judgeship. And Gorsuch should be removed until Garland is given consideration.

  6. John Morales says

    Holms, only to the men who “can now worry that if they need life-saving healthcare for a pregnancy gone disastrously wrong…or simply want to plan when they get pregnant”.


  7. Hmmm says

    @Holms; do you know many men who died in pregnancy-related health problems? Can you list the men who have had pregnancy-induced pulmonary embolisms, pregnancy-induced myocardia, preeclampsia leading to both their death and the death of the baby, fatal blood clots or fatal hemorrhage due to childbirth? How many men do you know have broken their tailbone or the bones of their pelvis giving birth? How many have needed emergency caesarian section with its inherent risk of bleeding out?

    How many men do you know who have hormonally-induced migraines, endometriosis, fibroid cysts of the uterus, ovarian cysts, a family risk for cancer of the uterus or ovaries, or even PCOS? More importantly, how many men do you know who risk death if they get pregnant because they have one of many underlying health conditions that can cause permanent disability or death? These are all things the birth control pill can manage, and the fundagelical-led Republican party has been going after the right of women to take the birth control pill since the 1970s.

    Astounding if you know men this happened to.

  8. friedfish2718 says

    Sandra Day O’Connor: republican, retired from USSC in 2006. Class Act.
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg: demoncrat, clinged onto the USSC despite being debilitated -- for years -- both mentally and physically till death. Arrogant, Biased, Concieted. No Class.
    No wonder the Left is now calling her all kinds of nasty names. That on her deathbed she is making demands about her USSC successor reflects on her unseriousness of her being.

  9. Katydid says

    @jkrideau; this is what the USA has become; where such a flaming dumpster fire won the electoral college that women can lose access to perfectly safe and reasonable health care because a justice appointed in a much-more-sane time died of cancer, and the flaming dumpster fire and his stooges on the Republican side of the house will appoint an equal flaming dumpster fire to the supreme court. They already pushed through a serial rapist and assaulter of women.

  10. Holms says

    #9, #11
    There are men who “refused to vote for Clinton so they could cling to their perceived “purity”” too. Obviously the bit about pregnancy is not the bit being referenced.

  11. John Morales says

    Holms @11, my response was on more than one level (i.e. some men do get pregnant), but that’s by the bye. You did write “did the same”, and I quoted to what that “same” referred. Hmmm noted the same thing, even more directly.

    Human parturition is perilous, but that’s not a consideration for those who would legalistically idealistically impose on others’ bodies.

    More to the point, I take this opportunity to note that your attempted equivocation between reasonable fear of physical, mental or financial harm and the maintenance of some unspecified “purity” is spurious.

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