Fox News reporter confirms Trump’s derogatory comments about the military

Jennifer Griffin stands by her story that confirmed the report in The Atlantic that Trump constantly denigrates members of the military as losers and suckers and has contempt for those who get injured or killed. She also says that treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was lying when he said that he did not hear Trump say such things at a meeting at which he was present.

Trump is of course furious that the network that he thinks, with considerable justification, should be cheerleaders for him had a reporter say unflattering things and has called for her to be fired.


  1. Barry Malcolm says

    Mano, man oh man oh, you’ve lost it. I admire your questioning of ideas/philosophies but you’re making things up!

  2. Marshall says

    I don’t doubt that he said those things, but all of these “confirmations” are just people saying “I’ve heard people who said they heard him say it!” We should be using the word “confirm” more cautiously and literally.
    Glenn Greenwald had a good writeup on this here.

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