1. Who Cares says

    Heh. I can give them jet fuel not being capable of melting the steel used for the girders (I believe the serious research papers into what happened take this as a premise as well). I don’t need to, I just need the steel to get hot enough that it can’t hold up the floor and/or the rest of the building. And due to the crash into the building the usual “we calculated the steel to be able to handle a fire” didn’t exactly apply anymore due anything from loss of girders (quite a hole you got there) to twisted/bent girders not being able handle the expected loads to uneven thermal expansion. We got a set causes that when stacked resulted in the towers pancaking without having to melt steel with jet fuel.

    And if you run into the jokers who claim that is was controlled demolition since the buildings could never have collapsed in on itself like that.
    They can. Just requires that the connections of the outer wall to the floors break before the connections of the floor with the inner core. Would get the floors going down to use the core in the same way a tight fitting ring slides down a pole. Next you’d get the outer walls collapsing inwards as a result of the inward pull of the connections that broke and then finally those walls giving enough pressure on the core to have it going down as well now the support of the floors is gone.

    And if you haven’t run away from these people and they keep jabbering about it remind them that no skyscraper is expected to survive a fire of this magnitude for more then a few hours and that the main reason that the towers fell apart slightly earlier then expected was the gaping holes caused by the planes weakening the structural integrity.

  2. says

    I don’t need to, I just need the steel to get hot enough that it can’t hold up the floor and/or the rest of the building.

    Speaking from experience, propane and oxygen can get steel to welding temperature in 10m. At that point, it feels about like potter’s clay and you can bend it with hand strength and a wrench. The conspiracy theorists also don’t explain how anyone would not notice the det cord laced all over the building, because actually, a controlled demolition takes a lot of work and hundreds of charges with thousands of feet of det cord. The nice thing about a conspiracy is that you only have to engage with part of reality -- the chosen part. [illustrations of buildings rigged to blow]

    I wonder where Qanon goes when Trump keels over in his golf cart. Will they declare him the messiah?

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