A comment thread that is well worth reading

I am not sure how many people read the comments to my posts. If you don’t, you are missing a treat because those are often better than my original posts.

For example, I recently had a post about whether plants are conscious. It was a pretty superficial post looking at recent claims and counterclaims. But the comments from this blog’s readers went really deeply into the nature of consciousness and how we might identify its existence. It contains a lot of useful information and insights and that comment thread is definitely worth a read.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Which reminds me of a topic so much lesser my little consciousness can almost grasp it: a few years ago you ran a post, with many well-informed comments, on the esoterica of hard-boiled eggs and the proper creation thereof. At least once before, and just now, I did a search for that thread, scanned through all the results (at least six pages, this time), and both times failed in my quest.

    Does that post, with its comments, still exist? If not, what is there about that topic that They do not want us to know?

  2. Marshall says

    I have a foolproof method for eggs, which involves steaming them. I take a normal pot, fill it with about 1″ of water, then place a metal strainer on top, then the lid on top. I suppose if you have an actual steamer that’ll work just a swell. Place eggs in basket and steam for 12 minutes. They come out 100% perfect every time.

    I usually put them in a lukewarm bath for ~5 minutes prior to doing this to bring the eggs to room temperature before steaming, as cold eggs don’t hard boil as well.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Oops, apologies to all, and special thanks to Dunc @ # 5 for setting me straight!

  4. says

    @John Morales -- nobody puts a boiling hot egg in their mouth, that’s not “perfect.”

    My experiment showed that cooling is important in keeping the chorion from binding to the albumen. In fact, it showed that how you heat it matters less than how you cool it. That’s why I asked.

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