Sporadic blogging coming up

I have just received the proofs of my forthcoming book THE GREAT PARADOX OF SCIENCE: Why its conclusions can be relied upon even though they cannot be proven (notice how I manage to insert a plug for it at every opportunity?) and have to meet a tight deadline to check for errors and make corrections as well as create the index.

As a result, I will be posting infrequently during breaks from doing all those things.


  1. Matt G says

    Good one, Tabby!

    You are entitled (yeah, pun intended) to plug your book, Mano, and more than welcome to. Good luck!

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    (Channelling Clint Eastwood)
    I just wanna know one thing, punk. How many equations in your book? I’ve written a number down, and if your answer exceeds the number, I’ll buy the book.
    (end channelling)

    Yes, I’m a lousy Eastwood impersonator.

  3. Mano Singham says

    Holms @#2,

    If you mail me a copy, I’d be happy to sign and mail it back.

    Rob @#6,

    Unless the number is zero, you are not going to buy the book because in the main text of the book I have just one equation! Since the book is meant for the general public on the topic of the nature of science and I was not trying to explain any specific scientific theory, I was able to do so without equations. That one equation was F=ma which I only use to explain the implications of measurement uncertainties on scientific proofs and to explain Popper’s falsification criterion.

    I did put some math stuff in appendices where I discuss various kinds of proofs and things like reductio ad absurdum, Godel’s theorem, and so forth. But it will not satisfy hardcore math aficionados!

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