Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act on student loan debt

In his latest show last night, he looked at the massive amounts of debt students accrue in the US when they go to college. He says that the government has given the task of recovering the loans to private agencies that do a terrible job by not providing students with advice that would help them and that the Trump administration and the education secretary Betsy De Vos have undermined efforts by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to police their activities.


  1. says

    Marcus, I think there are two types of rich people -- those who genuinely believe the only reason poor people aren’t rich is because they’re lazy, and those who know better but still believe poor people are lesser and deserve their lot in life.

  2. lanir says

    I managed to pay my loans off shortly after Navient got them. Sounds like that was rather good timing.

    As far as rich people hating poor people goes, I don’t think they do that specifically. They’re just classist morons who can afford to hire yes men. That allows them the luxury of objectifying poor people. Specifically as pinatas full of money: beat them enough and goodies fall out. Many of them just don’t seem smart enough to realize that there are practical limits to how far they can push it. If they keep beating the pinata there always seems to be more goodies coming out of it.

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