Snippets: Trump caves to Pelosi, journalist upset by rhetorical strategies

Donald Trump has backed down in the face of Nancy Pelosi’s opposition. First he said that he was going to deliver the State of the Union speech in Congress over her objections. She firmly told him again to get lost. Then in an attempt to save face, he said that he would give the speech at some other location next Tuesday. But then today he said that he was not going to do that either and will wait for the government to reopen.

One thing that observers have noticed is that while Trump gives his opponents insulting nicknames, he has not done so for Pelosi, referring to her as just ‘Nancy’. I wonder why. Perhaps he realizes that she now has real political power and is intimidated by her. Let’s see how his base likes seeing him being cowed by her.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Alyson Camerota got the vapors because Democratic congressman Hakeem Jeffries called Donald Trump the “grand wizard of 1600 of Pennsylvania Avenue”. She did not seem to understand that that did not mean that Trump was literally the head of the Ku Klux Klan but was suggesting that he uses racist tropes all the time. Jeffries then proceeded to list all the things that Trump has done that merited him calling him a grand wizard

Watch the interview.


  1. mikey says

    I can’t watch that woman, after her disgusting, condescending treatment of David and Lauren Hogg. Can’t afford another new computer screen.

  2. file thirteen says

    Jeffries comes across quite convincingly. Any chance of him running for Democratic candidate?

  3. ridana says

    How does he think that Trump is not a racist? Is he so narrowly defining it that one must be an actual card-carrying klansman? oO

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