Charlie Brooker reviews 2015

I am not big fan of year-end reviews but I enjoyed this one by British writer and broadcaster Charlie Brooker. He gives us his amusing take on the events of 2015 and the way they were covered by the media, both the serious and the silly. It was interesting to see some items that seemed to have got serious coverage in the UK but not so much in the US, such as the furor over the boorish behavior and subsequent firing of a reality TV show host Jeremy Clarkson and the excessive ceremonial reburial of Richard III. He also had some good stuff about Jeremy Corbyn.


  1. StevoR says

    What no mention of the world getting its first close up look at Pluto with the NewHorizons fly-by there? Or of the Rosetta mission becoming the first ever to orbit a comet and have its Philae lander do what lands do also successfully. Or the Dawn mission arriving at Ceres and mapping that world in detail too.

    Sigh. Didn’t even mention the cricket either. What kind of a year in review is that?

    Admittedly, it did have some funny bits and snarky political humour. Thanks I guess.

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