The world as seen by frightened people

I came across a website called The Thinking Housewife where the host Laura Wood and her friends (?) give advice to people who write in. A recent question was from Jennifer about what to do with new neighbors in their apartment complex who are lesbians and would like their child to play with Jennifer’s. Jennifer, a Catholic, wants to know the best way to protect her children’s innocence from being contaminated by hanging around with such undesirables.

Alissa suggests that the future will consist of communities self-selecting for certain qualities.

I’d wager that this predictament will become less common in the future if liberals don’t do everything in their power to “integrate” sexual dysfunction like they do with so-called racial integration (e.g. Section 8 housing). As whitopias have sprung up, we will probably have various distinct communities and this will become a situational thing, e.g. if you live in a community with a lot of religious people you will have marriage, children and whatnot, if you have a lot of liberals it means more unchaste singles, more LGBTQIPs, more non-monogamy, if its a lot of seculars that means more atheists and less babies and other stuff. I think this is already happening. People are moving in with people who have their own values and are like them.

I cannot really do justice to either the question or the responses from her panel with excerpts. You really must read this page and the website in general for yourself to appreciate the alarmist worldview of those who think that the world is closing in on them because of rising equality of women and gays gaining mainstream acceptance, and feel helpless to do anything about it.


  1. Matt says

    I’m a little confused by that website. For the first 95% of the post, I read the normal bigotted nonsense I expected. I didn’t keep track too much of who was saying what -- everyone seemed to be on the same page other than not quite agreeing if the children of the lesbians were worth “saving.” But then, the second to last entry said, “You’re an awful, judgemental, hateful person and so very unlike how Christ asked people to be. Learn to love your fellow man, no matter how they look or act, and the world will be a kinder place.” After reading that, I thought that anyone could post responses and that was the first response by a normal person. But there is no place to post a comment -- that was the response of one of the panel members. So it’s almost commendable that the author or moderator agreed to publish that. I mean, obviously it’s still hateful nonsense, but it seems that they are being open in their nonsense and willing to post other ideas.

  2. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    They need to drop the word “thinking” from their name.</blockquote.

    nah. She just needs to be actually honest about it.

    She's the "Thinking as He Tells Me To Doormat"

  3. baal says

    What Matt @ 2.1 says.


    If I were Jennifer, I would start teaching that little girl, or instructing her children to teach that little girl [daughter of the lesbian parents], about marriage. Maybe that’s too much to pull off, but maybe not. At the very least, I would have the older children introduce her to the Holy Family in a picture, making an emphasis on protective St. Joseph and commenting on the beauty of Mary. Heck, send her home with a little holy card of the Holy Family!

    Then they will probably ban her from playing with your children!

    Those are some scary polite face of evil types. They were right in one respect, show a little of that evil and hate and saner folks will stay the hell away from them (or protest them with signs and kissing or something).

    I’m a bit unnerved that they think it’s ok to intentionally indoctrinate (teach bigotry to?) other peoples kids. Adding magic to the mix by invoking St. Joseph makes it all the more surreal.

  4. kagekiri says

    That advice is mostly horrifying. The say that just like a heavily tattooed person, lesbians are disgusting and should be barred from entering their house. One guy says the lesbians are probably “indoctrinating” their kid into “anti-Christian” and “homosexual” agendas.

    Also, one calls the lesbians “sodomites”. What the crud? With phrases like “whiteopia”, various self-martyring crap, various claims of the horrible “unnaturalness” of homosexuality, I….I don’t have words for how horribly brainwashed these crazies are.

    Well, maybe “devout Catholic” describes it well enough. Jennifer apparently planted a statue of Mary in her yard, sighing that might be the only time the lesbian couple’s kid see one. And I just have to laugh, because what the crap is a stone statute of a woman supposed to do? Even the Bible’s answer (hell, even most non-Catholic religionists too) is “nothing” (maybe get you damned to hell, I guess, for making/keeping graven images to worship).

    They even concur with that stuff baal posted, basically saying to try and make the other party uncomfortable by throwing overt religion crap at their faces. And yeah, you’ll prove you’re a bigoted and utterly passive-aggressive nutjob and get those “nasty” lesbians to stop showing the “evils of the world” to your precious, indoctrinated little twerps.

    It’s like they know their rhetoric is easily dispelled by contact with the real world, so they have to try desperately to keep reality out of bounds for their children. I guess they have a point; I’m proof that kids leave the church when they grow up and are exposed to actual gay people and actual atheists.

    But it’s not voodoo or magical indoctrination by just having gay people nearby: it’s freaking compassion and understanding of others who are different from you, and honest looks at the evidence without sunday school teachers or preachers ramming indoctrination down your throat.

  5. lrah says

    “How does one avoid unwanted social contacts with homosexual couples without offending them, or perhaps even putting oneself in their sites for future intimidation?”

    Well, good luck with that.
    Not only an arsehole, but also a bloody coward. I’d say offence is an entirely appropriate and justified reaction to bigotry.

    And I can just imagine this self-absorbed invertebrate construing any kind of reaction from the couple (except hanging their heads in abject shame) as “intimidation”.

  6. dysomniak, darwinian socialist says

    Speaking as an atheist myself, feminism and the secondary and related issue of the acceptance of homosexuality are terrible things that do indeed make it seem sometimes that the world is “closing in on us” or that the world is falling apart, that the social order is collapsing; however you want to put it. This is not “alarmist”; this is simply the reality of what is going on in America and in the Western World in general. Many, many statistics show the scope and the severity of the crisis that is unfolding.


  7. dysomniak, darwinian socialist says

    Oh wow, the next paragraph is even… more interesting:

    Take a trip back in time to 1900. In 1900, three percent of white married women worked. The Total Fertility Rate per woman was about four. The out-of-wedlock birth ratio was about one percent for whites. The divorce rate was eight percent. It is very, very hard to imagine such a world today, it is so foreign to our “modern” existence. Still, it is true, you can look it up. In 2010, about 60 percent of white married women worked. The Total Fertility Rate per woman (among whites) was 1.8. The out-of-wedlock birth ratio among whites was 29 percent. The divorce rate was 53 percent. This is a radical deterioration among all the social indicators. This is a process of destruction of the very foundations of life. The fertility rate is below replacement level, this by itself means extinction or decline in our culture if nothing is done to reverse the downward trend.

    I really don’t think I can read much more of that. Frightened indeed.

  8. Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant) says

    @lrah, #7:

    How can I possibly act properly hateful and intolerant without losing the moral high ground? I can’t be nice to the damned lesbians, but I can’t be rude -- that’s the worst sin imaginable!

    If only we could just stone them to death like back in the good old days. Then I could just ignore the memory of killing the Other, and never have to look the targets of my bigotry in the eye again. That way I could go back to believing I’m squeaky clean pure jeebus-loves-me-like-a-rainbow (but not a gay rainbow) snowflake!

  9. acotten says

    “In a letter to “Dear Abby” a reader complained that a gay couple was
    moving in across the street and wanted to know what he could do to
    improve the quality of the neighborhood.
    Her suggestion -- ‘You could move.’”

  10. says

    Is it odd that their blogged response to this post doesn’t allow comments? I suppose the only way to point out their obvious factual errors is to write another blog post.

  11. Bill Yeager says

    I’ve just seen their reply to your post Mano -- ROFL!

    They’ve gone and got one of their sock-puppet-atheists to write a response. It’s all about how the world was just so perfect back in the early 1900’s, you know, back when all the bigotry, child abuse and violent patriarchy wasn’t challenged because it was just how things were done and done properly, dammit! The line just before the end of the ‘Mr Powell adds:’ section is an absolute peach!
    “There is hope of conversion to Christianity or in the alternative to become what I call a “devout atheist.””

  12. smrnda says

    It’s pretty arrogant to presume that this lesbian couple and their girl need to be ‘taught’ about marriage. The lesbians are probably doing just find in that department.

  13. Mano Singham says

    I think that you are supposed to send an email to Laura Wood and she posts it. She has put a negative comment in the past so it might be worth a try.

  14. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    LOL I got a kick out of that blog post title. Yeah, it’s ATHEISTS who can’t deal with reality. Certainly NOT the people who talk to their imaginary friends and think said imaginary friend wants you to fuck with someone else’s children because their parents have a relationship that your imaginary friend wouldn’t like. According to you.

    Yeah. That’s TOTALLY rational and grounded in reality.

    LOL Perhaps she should stick with what her religion tells her she does best -- housework.

  15. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    Its not odd at all. This post makes it clear she’s the sort of person who simply cannot deal with reality whatsoever. Hence her clinging to an idiotic and hatefilled religion. Makes perfect sense that’s she wouldn’t allow anyone to challenge her fragile house of self-serving cards.

  16. invivoMark says

    I wonder if the reason society could tolerate such an orderly way of living* was because of all the cocaine and heroin and morphine that everyone was doing (legally)?

    *Of course, this “orderly way of living” is a fantasy that never really existed, but whatever.

  17. Trickster Goddess says

    Didn’t the person they claim to worship stress that one of the main commandments is to love your neighbour?


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