If only politicians could speak their minds…

… it would make politics much more interesting.

The 1998 comedy Bulworth stars Warren Beatty and Halle Berry, with the former as a politician having some sort of breakdown that rids him of all his inhibitions and allows him to speak his mind.

Here’s the trailer for the film.

Pay no attention to the plot of this film because it makes little sense. You need to ignore all the holes in them in order to enjoy the hilarious scenes such as this one where Bulworth speaks at a fundraiser to a room full of wealthy people and special interests. (Language advisory)


  1. Carl says

    I remember Bulworth being very well received when it was released. I saw it at the time, but I didn’t much care about politics at the time and the movie did nothing for me. I think I’d like to revisit it some time. Thanks for the reminder.

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