Travis Tritt, so brave

I think he’s one of those country-western singers I turn off the instant I hear them on the radio, but I had no idea he was so courageous. Travis Tritt has taken the bold step of dictating that concert venues must provide him with an alternative brand of free beer, because Budweiser has a trans spokesperson.

The courage! He knows that other artists might be afraid of stating their principles in public for fear of being ridiculed and canceled! But not Travis Tritt! He will boldly be ridiculous without worrying about ridiculed! In that, he shares an attribute with professional clowns. He might not be afraid of being laughed at, but he is terrified of trans women. Oh no! Dylan Mulvaney is laughing at him!


  1. acroyear says

    He’s gonna find himself out of venues to play and tour support pretty soon. A/B are one of the biggest sponsors of rock/country music tours in the world.

    And to avoid being a hypocrite, of course he’ll have to avoid Coors and Miller, too.

    That’s a lot of money off the table. He was getting a lot more from A-B than the rider he was giving out. A-B was paying for that rider the whole time.

  2. wzrd1 says

    Perhaps those venues should simply delete his hospitality rider entirely, so that the audience can enjoy music from a sober entertainer for a change.

    On second thought, let him have all the Buckhorn beer and Simpatico beer he can swallow.
    Both having a flavor profile similar to turd tea.

  3. says

    He’s not just brave, he’s willing to make huge personal sacrifices for what he believes!
    “I’ll need a different brand of free beer backstage at my concerts.”
    I love how he avoids the word “cancel,” though, because “delete” is, you know, something else entirely.

  4. says

    Am I not understanding what a “hospitality rider” is? Isn’t that just the shit they’re demanding in their dressing rooms and on stage? Not what the venue provides for the ticketholders.

  5. says

    @3 I love how he avoids the word “cancel,” though, because “delete” is, you know, something else entirely.

    Yes. See “Rules for thee, but not for me”.

  6. StevoR says

    Never heard of him before now.

    FWIW Wikipedia :

    Tritt is a member of the Republican Party and supported George W. Bush for president in 2000. The two met in 1996 at the Republican National Convention in San Diego, California, where Tritt sang the national anthem.[95] Tritt told Insight on the News that he is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights and believes the answer to crime is not gun control but criminal control. “I’m a pro-gun guy. I’m an NRA (National Rifle Association) member, a life member as a matter of fact. I’m more for the belief of making the punishment tougher for the criminals to start with. I think that sends much more of an incentive for people to not commit crimes of any type than taking away guns. Because you take away guns, and the next thing you know, stabbing murders are going to increase.” He adds that he is “definitely pro-death penalty”.[citation needed]

    In September 2020, Tritt gained notoriety for joining fellow Republican James Woods in blocking random Twitter users for using pro-Black Lives Matter and other anti-Trump tags in their posts, under the belief that it would counteract anti-Republican sentiment on Twitter..

    Source :

    Oh & he believes in the paranormal & claims to have been haunted too. What a douche.

  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    Well, my very negative opinion of the low mentalities and nonexistent moral character of rural Americans have come to a beginning.

  8. rrhain says

    As the country-loving husband pointed out: When was the last time you heard a Travis Tritt song on the radio?

    So, I looked it up. His last Top 10 Country chart was “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde” back in 2002 when it peaked at #8.

    Oh, he’s got an audience, for sure, but he hasn’t been that relevant in the country music scene for quite some time.

  9. moarscienceplz says

    “Because you take away guns, and the next thing you know, stabbing murders are going to increase.”
    Oh yes! I will gladly take a x1000 chance of being shot over a x2 chance of being stabbed!

  10. moarscienceplz says

    “I think he’s one of those country-western singers I turn off the instant I hear them on the radio”
    First off, fuck Travis Twitt with a wire-bristle brush.
    Second, I used to turn off all Country Music as a matter of course. But then I watched Ken Burns’ Country Music series. There is actually a great amount of art in CM, and there are a lot of good-hearted people making it and listening to it. For example, the rainbow themed song performed by Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus that got taken from a bunch of elementary school performers. We lefties need to support those lovers of CM that should be our allies.

  11. Pierce R. Butler says

    Never having listened to a TraTri song, I nonetheless hope to hear all his material adapted and performed by Randy Rainbow.

  12. StonedRanger says

    So the rich singer, in an attempt to show how big a jerk he can be, has contract riders which specify which free stuff he will mooch off the venues is now being a choosy beggar about which free stuff he will accept? Fuck the rich with hot pokers.

  13. birgerjohansson says

    If he is a proper redneck he should drink hooch , possibly diluted with methanol.

  14. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    I know it’s pointless to dunk on the already-infinitely-dunked-on, but think any free speech absolutists are going to come out of the woodwork to condemn Tritt for engaging in a boycott because a company chose a spokesperson he finds distasteful?