I spend a lot of time doing important spider work

I’m a bit sad that I can’t post my spider stuff here, but if you like, you can get it on Patreon and Instagram. The latest news: new egg sac hatching yesterday, and today I fed the itty-bitty cutesie-wootsie spiderlings, and they immediately eviscerated the flies. I was proud and impressed. You’re all missing out!


  1. robro says

    I wish you could post them here. Just because I’m lazy, and also don’t want to get sucked into other “social media” platforms I avoid Patreon, Instagram, et al. I’m addicted enough to Pharyngula and FaceBook…now there’s a dichotomy for you! That said, I appreciate people’s aversions to things. I can’t eat around my partner because she suffers from misophonia or some such. When I eat chips she has to plug into music or white noise.

  2. says

    They only have 4 legs, they don’t count!
    Maybe what they need is spider pilots. Spiders are really good at 3-D orientation and movement.