1. wzrd1 says

    Five bucks says that they’re using that copyrighted property without permission.
    You know, stealing. By the Law And Order tribe of scofflaws.

  2. robro says

    wzrd1 — I suspect their editors are careful to use the exact number of seconds they can use under “fair use” laws for each clip to avoid legal problems. However, the “they” may be The Daily Show, not Fox, as it’s kind of difficult to tell in that 2 minute piece which is Fox and which is added by The Daily Show..Of course, I’m sure Fox does it too.

  3. raven says

    Part of this simply that right wingnut minds are low on thinking and thoughts.
    They just repeat the same old fallacies over and over again.
    The latest is yelling at M&Ms cartoon characters.

    M&M’s Tucker Carlson controversy: Maya Rudolph replaces .. . › 2023/01/24 › m-ms-backlash-spok…

    Jan 24, 2023 — The Fox News host attacked the minor brand changes as “woke” and declared that M&M’s wouldn’t stop until “you’re totally turned off.

    They do this a lot.

    A while back it was the Teletubbies, one of which was supposedly gay.
    And Sponge Bob Squarepants was gay.
    Barney the purple dinosaur was something.
    The Muppets.

    This is what happens when you don’t have anything better to do than throw a temper tantrum about children’s cartoon characters and cartoon characters in ads.

    I suppose Tucker Carlson wants one of the M&Ms to wave a Swastika flag around or carry an AR 15 rifle or something. The right wingnut patriot M&M.

  4. Allison says

    As I heard it, “woke” was a term used among African-Americans. A “woke” African-American is one who is “awake” to the pervasive, systemic racism that they face every day. That is, when they get snubbed or screwed over, they shouldn’t blame themselves, but recognize that it’s because the wider (white-controlled) society they live in is out to get them. It’s kind of a “wake up and smell the coffee” thing.

    So if you’re not African-American, you can’t really be “woke” in that sense, although you can certainly be aware of how we are blanketed in and constantly breathing in racism, sort of like a really bad smog day. But if you aren’t A-A, you aren’t suffering from anti-Black racism, so you’re not really “woke” in that sense. (But you can certainly suffer from and be awake to other kinds of oppression.)

  5. says

    I suppose Tucker Carlson wants one of the M&Ms to wave a Swastika flag around or carry an AR 15 rifle or something. The right wingnut patriot M&M.

    Naturally, I had to ask Midjourney AI to render me a few of those. Posting at stderr in a few.

  6. lakitha tolbert says

    #4 raven

    A few months (years?) ago it was the Mr. Potato Head toy. They’ll forget all about it in a few weeks and move on to the next manufactured outrage because that all they’ve got to peddle these days. In the meantime, children’s shows with actual queer characters, like Kora, or Steven Universe, remain under the radar, and that’s fine with me.

  7. euclide says

    wzrd1 – first, this is clearly a parody, which is an exemption to copyright (and copyright infringement is not stealing anyway), and second, I don’t see Warner nor NewsCorp suing Paramount over that anyway, it would be a PR nightmare.
    Suing, or even using Youtube copyright enforcement system against a sole youtuber is one thing. Big media companies trying to silence each other with baseless copyright suits is a stupid loss of time and money for everyone concerned

    As for the anti-woke thing, I would find that funny if it didn’t find a way across the Atlantic (not yet a the fox news stupidity level, but going there)

  8. rorschach says

    That show is so, so good, you all need to watch it. Saw episode 3 yesterday, maybe the best bit of TV you’ll see all year.

  9. Rob Grigjanis says

    For those of us who see only “Video unavailable”, a brief description would be welcome.

  10. charley says

    @11 Rob
    A satirical, two-minute production by The Daily Show entitled, “‘The Last of Us’ Brought to You by Fox News.” It’s a mashup of ridiculous right wing scare mongers describing the spread of the “woke virus” into various institutions and products. Scenes from “The Last of Us” are cut in to make it look like characters are reacting to the woke virus, not the brain fungus in the actual story.

  11. moarscienceplz says

    #5 Allison
    Yes, you are right. A white person claiming they are ‘woke’ is analogous to a cis male saying they know that giving birth is painful.
    But at least I can keep reminding myself that childbirth is painful, and that Black people necessarily mistrust cops more than I need to. I must continuously use my brain to keep my empathy properly focused, but if I do that, I can at least be an ally to the actual ‘woke’ people.

  12. flange says

    To a Republican, “Woke” refers to any person or group that cares about other people. Not a Republican attribute.

  13. Tethys says

    It’s the current iteration of SJW’s, but it’s fewer syllables for the simple minded to remember. White fascists appropriating the term woke from Black people in order to rail against social justice, socialism, etc is typical entitlement.

    Poor PennsylTucky can’t even get aroused by the new M&Ms! So tragedy! What is our country coming to if it isn’t all centered on his personal fetish?