He’s probably getting ripe

George Pell died 3 weeks ago, and the Australians are just now having the funeral? The casket has just arrived? I had no idea that transit times from Hell were so slow.

Aww, they’re decorating the church with colored ribbons. How festive!

That’s a lot of ribbons. There’s one for each molested child, so I guess they needed to clean out the local fabric store rather thoroughly. It’s nice when people can come together and celebrate the death of an old child rapist like that.


  1. indianajones says

    Just 2 days ago staff at the church were removing the ribbons. Like, how deliberately blind do you have to be to do that you person removing that ribbon you?

  2. says

    The ribbons were going on faster than the church staff could remove them. They reached a compromise and protestors kept the ribbons to an agreed upon area. However there is a protest march planned for the day of the funeral. The police have banned the marchers from using the street they had planned and gone to court to confine it to the park opposite the church “in the interests of public safety.” Ironic when you consider that it was safe enough to parade the coffin down the very same street the day before.

  3. ardipithecus says

    ” I had no idea that transit times from Hell were so slow”

    Wouldn’t be much of a Hell if there weren’t supply chain issues. Nothing but the best one for such a deserving fellow.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    In Sweden it is more common to have the funeral 2-3 weeks after the death, for many reasons for instance to make it easier for people to plan journeys.

    As for the Pell funeral, maybe they are deliberately waiting to give the publicity time to fade.

  5. steve oberski says

    St Mary’s Cathedral evades protesters by moving George Pell’s body to another parish

    St Mary’s Cathedral has dealt with the pesky problem of protesters outside George Pell’s funeral, quietly shifting the cardinal’s body to another church district while no-one was watching.

    “That’s our standard way of dealing with things. It’s not our problem now,” a Catholic Church spokesperson said. “If these protesters have an issue with the systematic abuse of children overseen by George Pell, then I’m afraid there’s nothing much we can do about it now. He’s no longer here”.

    Pressed further on Pell’s legacy as the most senior Catholic within Australia, the spokesperson said, “Sorry, who? Not sure who you’re talking about. There’s no-one by that name in our parish”.


  6. mikeschmitz says


    In Sweden it is more common to have the funeral 2-3 weeks after the death

    It’s a bit harder to find a glacier in Australia…

  7. Matt G says

    George “plain vanilla penetration” Pell? Were there special ribbons for each child molested/raped personally by Pell?

  8. StevoR says

    @7. birgerjohansson : The funeral itself has been creating and getting plenty ofpublicity. Its going to be live-stremaed apparently. I hope there are protests and interuptions and heckling at least there.

  9. StevoR says

    EX-PMs Abbott & Howard and racist “rotten potato head” opposition leader Dutton will be attending the Pellophiles funeral too FWIW.

  10. gijoel says

    racist “rotten potato head” opposition leader Dutton

    You mean our lord and savior, Lord Voldemort.

  11. StevoR says

    @ ^ gijoel : The very same.

    See :


    (Tanya Plibersek should have apologised to Voldemort for likening Peter Dutton to him. Voldemort after all had some characterisma plus the advantage of being fictional.)

    Plus :


    In addition to :


  12. StevoR says

    Latest ABC news article on the pellophile scum’s funeral here :


    @5. Derek Vandivere : A Tim Minchin classic well worth listening to again there. Another Tim Minchin song that need splaying afterwards here is his brilliant Pope siong which sums up the whole rotten nest of child molesting scum here so very well.

    WARNING : Contains just the occasional swear word,* NSFW. (2 min 17 seconds length.)

    This powerful article from The Saturday Paper is infuriating and infuriatingly paywallled :


    I’ve got the print copy of it but would take me a long time to type out word by word sadly.

    Pell raped and molested a lot more victims and was early on in his rapriestly career rumoured (if not known for a fact) to be a pedophile and the fact that he was only convicted by a jury beyond reasonable doubt on one of these cases then allowed to walk free by a court appointed by the mates of his puppet PM “Captain Catholic” Abbott is yet another permanent irreedemable disgrace and stain upon our fatally flawed legal (NOT “justice”) system.

    If I was in a position to do so I would launch police raids and investigations on the homes, offices and churches of every senior Catholic figure – and Australia’s High Court Justices here too. They need to be made accountable and forced to answer some tough questions here.

    .* Might be slight understatement.

  13. Alt-X says

    There was a news story today about a group of men arriving with knifes and scissors, cutting down the ribbons. When asked what they’re doing they turned violent and the police had to run the away.

    What kind of men would decide to be offended by the ribbons and want to cut them down?! How can you be so out of touch that you’re defending, at best, a protector of child rapists, at worst, an actual child rapist (he forced his penis into the mouths of two young boys, one so traumatised he killed himself).

    And they don’t even have the awareness to see how bad this looks for their religion!

  14. StevoR says

    My truthful Obituary for Pell.

    (WARNING : Do I need to specify multiple references to child sexual abuse here?)

    George “Pedophile” Pell was many things, a child rapist, a bigot, a child molester, a notorious homophobe, a child rape enabler, a misogynist, a child rape coverer-upper, a malignant behind the scenes political puppet-master holding undue influence over Australia’s second-worst PM, a child rape excuser and apologist, a climate science denier, a disgraceful supperating sore of a human being, a child rapist, Australia’s highest ranking official in a religion blighted by and notorious for sexual abuse scandals and crimes, a victim-blamer, a child molester, a friend and protector of child rapists including notably his erstwhile housemate Gerald Ridsdale but also a great many more pedophile priests, an intellectually vacuous coward, a friend of sociopathic rich and powerful LNP and Murdoch media figures, a sex offender, a man lacking in all compassion and human kindness and, oh yes, a man convicted beyond reasonable doubt by a jury that heard all the evidence of multiple child rapes.
    (Did I mention that already?)

    Pell was born in 1941 in Ballarat, scene of many Catholic priest child rapes by Pell’s priestly friends, to a Catholic mother and lapsed Anglican father. He somehow claimed to be “called by God” and was ordained as a Catholic priest in 1966 – after already being credibly accused of sexually assaulting a 12 year old boy at a camp in 1961.

    Pell then shared a house and served as Auxiliary Bishop when he lived with his friend, fellow child rapist and Catholic priest Gerry Ridsdale in 1973 as Ridsdale abused at least 79 victims including children as young as 4. The later Royal Commission would conclude Pell knew and failed to take “adequate action.”

    Pell quickly rose in power and prominence becoming a Cardinal in 2003 and Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996 where was soon known for his extreme conservative, hateful homophobic, misogynist, anti-environment, regressive political views as well as his undue influence over MP and later PM Tony “Mad Monk / Captain Catholic” Abbott.

    Among other things in 2008 Pell said “”slowing population growth and apathy towards God are the biggest challenges facing the church.” Pell also claimed that abortion was worse than child sexual abuse. He argued that there was “insufficient evidence” on Climate change despite his having no scientific qualifications or expertise, claimed the ordination of women was “impossible” and said that priests abandoning celibacy would be “a serious blunder.” Pell also laughably described SF movie ‘Avatar’ as “pagan propaganda” and, more seriously, threatened Church retribution against politicians who voted for medical research on embryonic stem cells.

    However, Pell was initially perhaps best known for his homophobic bigotry refusing communion, an important Catholic rite, to queer people famously including the Rainbow sash movement and declaring “Homosexual activity is a much greater health hazard than smoking.” Pell also absurdly and despite all evidence argued that condoms increased the problem of HIV-AIDS.

    In 1996 Pell was in charge of covering up Catholic child sexual abuse in the “Melbourne Response” protocol. A Victorian Royal Commission found Pell’s handling to be “legalistic and offering inadequate support to victims” with the Church keeping things secret, capping financial compensation and refusing to take responsibility or admit wrong-doing. Independent Commissioner Peter O’Callaghan subsequently investigated 351 complaints of Catholic child sexual abuse upholding 97% of them. Pell famously lacked empathy for victims and eventually was forced to admit as David Marr concludes that “.. his church had covered up child sexual abuse for fear of scandal; that his predecessor Archbishop Little had destroyed records, moved paedophile priests from parish to parish and facilitated appalling crimes.”

    More would then come out about Pell’s own personal past following Victorian police’s Operation Tethering into Pell which began in March 2013 revealing that that Pell had sexually abused 5 to 10 boys between 1978 and 2001 – revelations that became public only in June 2017 when Pell was charged. Pell actually faced several trials despite many cases disappearing as victims died or were ruled medically unfit to give evidence. Justice was delayed and denied as Pell hid in the Vatican pleading ill health whilst being the third highest ranking Catholic official & Vatican Treasurer.

    In Pell’s most famous sex crimes legal trial, the only one where a witness was able to testify; so many others having died or been ruled unfit as a result of Pell’s sexual abuse of them and the passage of time without justice publicly occurring, a jury found him guilty of five counts of child sexual abuse of two boys in the 1990s. Only one of those children had survived to give evidence against the now finally convicted rapist and rape enabler.

    Pell was sentenced to 6 years jail but only served 404 days before his appeal. An appeal where High Court Justices that included a number of individuals that were Catholic, religious and appointed by the LNP including Pell’s political puppet and extremist Catholic Tony Abbott controversially overturned a jury verdict that, again, was reached beyond reasonable doubt by people who – unlike the Justices – actually heard the sole surviving victim first hand.

    Pell was soon whisked back to the Vatican where he showed his gratitude by attacking any progressive steps taken by the new Pope and died under a metaphorical cloud over two years later with an Australian civil case by the family of one of his many victims still on-going against him.

    Pell was scum and made the world worse by his life in it which lasted too long and did too much harm to too many people. He will be remembered with loathing and disgust and left a legacy of pain and traumatised grieving victims who never got answers or saw real justice.

    Much info here via Pell’s wikipage / public knowledge and record :


    PS. Feel free to share.

    PPS. Catholics removing ribbons commemorating child rape victims whilst honouring a man who raped them says all you need to know about that religion.