Just when I think I’m out, they drag me back in

OK already. It’s supposed to be my break, but I had to take care of some things, for the spring term. So I got students registered for my writing course, got flies ordered for my genetics course, and worked out my spring calendar. One pleasant surprise: my schedule fell out in such a way that I have no classes on Friday (three day weekends all semester long!) and no class before 11:45, which is a bit of a waste since I’m up by 6am every day anyway. Although it does mean I’ll have a fair amount of Spider Time to look forward to.

Now go away, job. I don’t want to think about you any more until January.

Except for the grading I have to do on Saturday, that is.


  1. Oggie: Mathom says

    I had one semester in college in which I had no classes before 3:00pm on MWF, and no classes before 4:30 of TT. Worked nicely for my schedule. I worked midnight to 8:00am as a dispatcher for security, skied from 9:00am until 2:00 or 3:30, attended classes until 9:00 (MWF) or 8:00 (TT), slept a little, then went to work. I slept on weekends and studied at work. Only semester I ever aced everything.

    The next semester, I had all my classes on TT, except for geology and/or archaeology labs on W. Not a great semester. I found that if I had too much time, I let things go . . .

    Of course, this was back in the 1980s, back when entertainment in rural New Hampshire consisted of beer, bombing down dirt roads at high speed, and hoping the atmosphere let us listen to WZLX out of Boston. We didn’t have cable, internet, or even portable computers.

    I have difficulty imagining being a student today. Or, for that matter, a professor.

    Enjoy your break. And I hope your flies don’t come unzipped.*

    historian joke; kinda like dad jokes.

  2. andersk3 says

    I wish I got up on my own at 6:00. My dementia riddled mother in law gets up at 7:00 every day and won’t let us sleep. It’s heaven when she looses track of time and we get to lay around until 7:15.

  3. says

    For the first time ever in my 30+ at my school, I was assigned a MWF schedule — for fall 2020. Yeah. So I ended up behind a stupid Zoom screen for that term (and the next). But we resumed in-person instruction last year and I have since finagled a couple more MWF schedules. Maximizing my TuTh flexibility is wonderful. Enjoy your free Fridays — which you will inevitably cram full of stuff. Likely too much stuff. Pacing! It’s all pacing.