How I’m feeling about Twitter’s collapse

This is almost perfect.

It’s only missing one thing: my joy at watching Elon Musk tripping over his own dick, exposing his over-inflated reputation and bleeding off an awful lot of his ill-earned money.


  1. gijoel says

    Apparently taking the piss out of Musk doesn’t count as comedy anymore. But using the n-word does. What a funny old world. /s.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    The only thing that would cheer me up more would be if Boris Johnson chokes on his truffles and dies when he goes back to the Caribbean (he is technically a member of parliament, but is too lazy to work).

  3. says

    I would like to volunteer to be the person who calls Elon to deliver the news.
    “I’m sorry, sir. You don’t have any money anymore. Your food stamp appointment is Wednesday.”

  4. mordred says

    And his fans on the IT forums still worship him as a “genius”.

    You see the thousands of people he fired are only the lazy people who did no work at all before, everybody knows the Twitter staff was mostly not really working.

    And it was only some mid level managers who fired one or two of the wrong people who are now called back.

    And the whole thing is only part of Musk’s grand plan to break the leftist control of the media and rescue free speech from the SWJs.

  5. mordred says

    Just found someone calling Musk “the greatest engineer and businessman of all times” and telling his critics to shut up unless they also own several “billion dollar companies”.

    And I’m pretty sure they are serious.

  6. says

    I imagined the various supremacists projecting their desires onto Elon Musk.
    I did not anticipate the corperate reaction (I’m happy corporations have a superficial sensitivity to overt bigotry). I did not anticipate Elon Musk going on a firing spree that completely ignored international laws.

  7. raven says

    I’m not laughing. Or I’m no laughing too much any way.

    Facebook was a good idea implemented very badly and is now declining rapidly.

    Twitter was a good idea implemented at least not too badly.
    It’s not just a social media outlet, although it is that.

    It is also a news media outlet for fast breaking news.
    As such it is useful, widely used, and widely read.
    I wouldn’t miss Facebook but I would miss twitter, even though I don’t have a twitter account. I might have even gotten a twitter account but I’m not giving Musk anything, not even just an internet email address.

  8. microraptor says

    Ol’ Muskrat is now saying that he has a basis to sue “left-wing activists who are driving his advertisers away.”

  9. raven says

    Facebook parent Meta is preparing large-scale layoffs this … › technology › facebook-parent-…

    2 days ago — Meta Platforms Inc is planning to begin large-scale layoffs this week that will affect thousands of employees, the Wall Street Journal …

    Facebook is now declining, choking on all the hate and misinformation it propagates, and being an overly predatory company devouring its product. You, the Facebook account holder are the product.

    It was a great idea. Everybody gets their own website to post pictures of their cats or kids or whatever. It was also implemented very badly to the point where people are leaving.

  10. whywhywhy says

    #8 The demise of Twitter will open opportunities for other tools/tech/apps. It might be better. It might be worse. It will be different.

  11. rorschach says

    My virology, emergency and immunology tweeps are moving to Mastodon now, as are science journos. The migration has begun. It’s important, because #medtwitter was and is instrumental in dealing with the pandemic. We figured out the happy hypoxics, the ventilating techniques, proning etc., in a giant Twitter collaboration and exchange of experiences within weeks of this thing popping up. We are doing the same with Long Covid now. So this important collab has to continue somewhere, if Elon fucks up Twitter.

  12. raven says

    Musk reportedly considers locking all of Twitter behind a paywall

    PUBLISHED TUE, NOV 8 20228:41 AM EST

    Latest headline.

    This isn’t going to work.
    Musk has no idea what Twitter’s real product is.

    It is you. The eyeballs looking at Twitter.
    Twitter is supported by advertisers and probably by selling your personal data to whoever will pay for it.

    Twitter was an impulse buy for a guy with huge amounts of money.
    There is nothing wrong with impulse buys per se but overpaying $44 billion for Twitter was not a wise decision. He could have bargained and got it for a lot less anyway.
    My last impulse buy was… a new dustpan. It was on sale.

  13. rorschach says

    “Musk has no idea what Twitter’s real product is.
    It is you.”

    Which is especially true for the blueticks he now wants to charge 8 bucks, after Stephen King told him off for wanting to charge 20.-. He is wanting to charge his content and click creators for their work. You’d think a multi-billionaire had financial, or media advisors.

  14. cag says

    and bleeding off an awful lot of his ill-earned money.

    and bleeding off an awful lot of others ill-earned money.

  15. mordred says

    cag@17 I’d like to say that making a complete mess of the Twitter deal would make it more difficult for him to find investors in the future, but it had been quite clear from the start that Musk is losing it (if he ever had it) and that him taking over Twitter has a very high chance of ending with a disaster. And still someone handed him a bunch of many.

  16. petesh says

    @17: Yes. And you really do not want to piss off the people who just loaned you $13 billion. Yeah, sure, Musk theoretically has more or less 15 times that, depending on how Tesla’s stock fluctuates, but watch his net worth shrivel. We may yet see the Hemingway quip about going bankrupt “gradually, then suddenly” in real time. Me, I shall cackle, or perhaps chortle. And/or giggle.

  17. bionichips says

    Much as I hate to say it and wish otherwise, I am not sure that the alternatives can be up and running in anything less than 6 months. Truth Social with full backing of the bad guys was up and stolen code was up and running in a about that time (I forgot exactly how long). I have this horrible feeling it will be like the 6th – en masse companies refused to donate to Rs. Exactly how long did that last?

    Mastodon is probably great, but will the masses pay the learning curve?

    Where do people like Biden, etc. go to?

  18. ffakr says

    Great breakdown on Musk’s brilliant twitter move on the Opening Arguments podcast. By their estimation, through devaluation of Tesla stock though his bulk sell-offs, agreeing to buy twitter way over its valuation months ago, not backing out after twitter stock fell further since, the loans, and by not backing out of the deal while he still could.. Musk is worth about 100 Billion less today than he was before he decided to pursue Twitter.

    Even more entertaining.. Twitter previously made comments to investors about how their staff talent was absolutely critical to the valuation of twitter. Because Musk is a megalomaniac blowhard who promised to fire half that talent as their stock valuation, he’s opened himself up to a suit by shareholders for violating his legal responsibility to maximize profit.

  19. John Morales says


    Musk is worth about 100 Billion less today than he was before he decided to pursue Twitter

    So… how much is he now worth?

    (I mean, I don’t have any great expectations, but I think one thousand million dollars would be quite dandy. A mere billion!)

  20. mordred says

    “So… how much is he now worth?”

    Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t even pay a GDR aluminium Pfennig for him!