It’s best we don’t know

It’s election day, get out and vote if you haven’t already.

Today, I’m going to consciously avoid reading any news, since it’s entirely pointless. The votes will be cast, my staring fixedly at the ballot box will change nothing, the people reading the news have no idea what they’re doing anymore, and there are so many grossly stupid people running for office. It’s best to remain in ignorance until all the chaos has settled, and then I’ll whip off the blindfold to feel the full force of a corrupt system in decay all at once.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    …It would be one of those South Park episodes where the Devil turns out to be the most sympathic character of them all. Meanwhile Cartman is away trying to organize a nazi rally.

  2. mordred says

    I can only wish you guys good luck over there.
    Usually the people I vote for do not end up in government here in Germany (and when they did, I regretted my choice), but the alternative has never been as fucked up as it’s right now in the US. Not during my lifetime at least, my Grandfather had some stories to tell.

  3. lasius says


    Fuck Merz with a chili-covered pineapple though. He’s going to topple the Bürgergeld by playing the low income-earners against the unemployed.

  4. mordred says

    Oh come now, Merz is clearly on the side of the common man. He is solidly middle class, with a yearly income of only one million Euro. /s
    Seriously, the best thing about Chancellor Scholz is that he’s not Merz.

  5. rorschach says

    To think I used to stay up all night to watch CNN for these elections. Now I will watch football tonight, wake up in the morning and learn as I drive to work how bad the fascist takeover is going to be. A Russian controlled GOP led by MTG, it’s going to be fascism the exeptional dumb edition. But unfortunately they also have a few really dangerous candidates, who are sentient and can read, like Lake. Not a good situation.

  6. says

    Numerous reputable sites report that in Georgia the corrupt governor allowdd 146,000 challanges to votes. In Scarizona, Mouthbreather tRumpist magat run counties are going to try to count ballots by hand (which is proven to be absurdly inaccurate and impossibly time consuming), in other states the rtwing Nat. C’s are gathering to storm the voting process with hate and maybe even violence. Empty Greene, Scary Lake and so many other repugnantcants promise to deny and fight the results if they don’t win. And, there are many more examples.

    Therefore, I am sure this election won’t be decided for many days at least. We voted, but are going to ignore all the bullshit from the mainstream media and wait for the dust to settle. If it ever truly does.

  7. says

    When discussing this election and the current state of affairs in the u.s., one member of my organization put words to my thoughts when saying: “I just want to wake up from this nightmare in a safe place. But, that’s not going to happen.”

  8. billseymour says

    I will probably be multitasking between 538’s live blog and election coverage on PBS, but mostly just out of habit.  I don’t expect to actually learn anything from it.

    I probably will take time out to watch parts three and four of “The Stones of Blood” in which the Doctor and Romana acquire the third segment of the key to time.  That will be very much more interesting even though I’ve seen that multiple times as well. 8-)

  9. magistramarla says

    billseymour @ 10
    We’ve been working our way through all of The Dr. Who series for some time now.
    We’re watching the Matt Smith series right now, after a quick detour to refresh on the Torchwood series.
    We will also ignore the election chaos until it gets sorted out.
    We will catch a couple of episodes of Dr. Who and the episode of the new Quantum Leap that is on our DVR.
    They are actually doing a great job of that remake. I’m especially enjoying the non-binary computer genius character.

  10. unclefrogy says

    the “conservatives” are just trying to make it 1950 again with out any integration, women new their place mostly and protestant christianity was understood the jim crow south we have been through this before the last time we had the bugaboo of communism to scare people with. The trouble with that is it is not 1950 we are not the manufacturing powerhouse we were then the economy needs everyone prosperous to work it needs to expand the market and business knows that going backward to the like it was in the 50’s wont work.
    a lot of ambitious stupid people are trying to take advantage of a large ignorant fearful gullible people how does the line go “nothing succeeds like failure and failure is no success at all”

  11. Pierce R. Butler says

    unclefrogy @ # 13: … we are not the manufacturing powerhouse we were then …

    And we were generally on the other side of the resource bell curves then: amazingly cheap gasoline from easily drilled oilwells; banana republics burning up their soils to provide cheap fruit; countless more farms and prairie and forests to “develop”; a society so affluent it could allow unions to bring home a big slice of the bacon for a large working class.

    (Almost) All used up already. The road goes ever downward from here – our demographic cohort got to ride the very peak of consumption. At least we may miss the impending population crash.