I guess it was a joke?

You know, bro humor, so not actually funny.

The responses are “hilarious”.

He probably wanted to smoke a big cigar next to the proof of his potency.

You gotta feel sorry for Matt Walsh. He doesn’t understand what a woman is, so how can you expect him to empathize with one?

I was right there by my wife’s side during all three births, and I find it hard to laugh about all the pain and the sweat and the blood she went through. Maybe if I were a bro I could get through those jokes. Maybe if it were their wives, rather than a bunch of smarmy men, making the jokes, I’d be able to see the laughter through the pain.

The only kind of humor conservatives like, though, is punching down.


  1. Matt G says

    Michael Knowles’ response is excellent trolling, assuming it’s actually trolling….

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin suggests the penguin’s approach: Lay an egg, the daddy sits on it all freezing winter, and the mommy flies to the tropics for a long vacation. Whilst it doesn’t cause the dumber daddies to STFU, they are so far away she cannot hear them.

  3. whheydt says

    Like PZ, I was present with my wife during labor and delivery for both of our kids. I was paying attention to her so I could give encouragement and provide comfort to her in any way I could.

    Her comment about giving birth was that she wouldn’t go through that for anyone else.

  4. wzrd1 says

    I still remember transition labor, “YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!”.
    “Well, dear, I did have a little help”.
    My fingers finally healed last week.
    40 years later.

    Nurse thought it was hilarious.
    I found that passing off she-hulk ain’t a good plan.

  5. Bruce says

    I totally understand those guys, because once I went to a sports ball game.
    The audience areas at sports places provide basically no accommodations for visitors. I was forced to nap on a chair, which was made even more difficult by all the noises and commotion during the event. Extremely inconsiderate.

  6. says

    Pretty sure even in the nostalgic good old days these cro-magnons aspire to return to, you weren’t allowed to smoke in a hospital. Something about a facility that keeps bottles of pure oxygen handy. I wonder if that dumbass smokes while he gases up his car too. Hope bro isn’t too attached to his eyebrows.

  7. says

    @9 Poe’s law strikes again. The X-tian Reight is so out there that it’s hard to tell what’s sarcasm from what they actually believe.

  8. lotharloo says

    I am not actually sure that Matt Walsh is joking. I think it is quite plausible that he’s somewhat serious. These motherfuckers are as entitled as a petty royalty.

  9. silvrhalide says

    The real question is, how many of these asshats are now divorced?

    For that matter, how is it that they ever found someone to marry and procreate with in the first place? The level of entitlement from these asshats raises suspicions that the sex wasn’t all that good for HER.

  10. Matt G says

    silvrhalide@13- I remember seeing a photo of a woman at a trmp rally with a “trmp can grab me by the pussy anytime he wants!” These women are far more plentiful than you’d think….

    *Please note that I censored the offensive words.

  11. robro says

    lotharloo @ #11 — I quite sure that Matt Walsh was not joking.

    Induced labor. 30+ hours in the hospital. Three epidurals. Ended with a C-section after all. I didn’t sleep a wink and I scurried around trying to take care of anything she needed. Still, I know I had the much easier task.

  12. silvrhalide says

    @14 I don’t doubt it. There is no shortage of idiots among women either. Especially the “[Dolt 45] can grab me… etc.” who apparently doesn’t realize that she’s wearing a t shirt that says she’s okay with being sexually assaulted by a serial sex offender.

    It is axiomatic that is you are a fat/mean/ugly/poor woman, you will die alone. If you are any of those or all of them and male, some fool woman will try to “save” you.

    The real question is: at what point (if ever) do these women wake up and smell the coffee? Because if that “ah ha” moment comes in the delivery room while your asshat husband is whining that he can’t smoke a cigar in a hospital, it’s already too late. You are now responsible for TWO babies. One actual baby, one giant man-baby. Only one of those will move out after about a quarter century or so.

  13. Matt G says

    silvrhalide@16- My step-daughter grew up with my sweet-as-pie wife and her petty, domineering ex-husband (they were both immigrants so how they got together is…complicated). When she was young, my step-daughter promised my wife “I will never be with a man who controls me like dad controls you.” Well, she managed to find someone even more controlling and isn’t self-aware enough to realize it. And the people who suffer the most from this toxicity is our three young grandchildren.

  14. flexilis says

    My own attempt at new-father satire:
    The morning after the birth of our daughter I was asked how my wife was feeling. I replied, “Probably whole hell of a lot better than I am, after all my friends bought me celebratory drinks last night.”*

    *I have never told my wife about this comment.

  15. R. L. Foster says

    When I was a Navy Corpsman I was assigned for 18 months to the Labor/Delivery ward of a Naval hospital (it was shore duty, I wasn’t going to refuse it). My name is in the Del log book associated with over 300 deliveries — doctor, nurse, me. I’ve seen naval aviators, top gun types, pass out. One Marine ran for the nearest trash receptacle and puked. Lots of guys toughed it and stayed with their wives throughout the ordeal, often taking vicious verbal abuse with stoicism. But most just sat quietly in the waiting room, smoking. It was the late 70s. I was also present for a few very bad deliveries with negative outcomes, which I won’t go into here. Having seen that many deliveries I developed a huge respect for women. I’m of the opinion that if a women doesn’t want to carry a fetus to term, for whatever reason, that’s her decision to make. Not mine. Not the church’s. Least of all, not the government’s.

  16. pacal says

    RE: whheydt No. 4

    “Her comment about giving birth was that she wouldn’t go through that for anyone else.”

    I consider that high praise.

  17. whheydt says

    Re: Pacal @ #21…
    I took it as affection. I also took responsibility (to her) for her stretch marks. You can understand, to an extent, I think, how devastating it has been to lose her after 51 years.

  18. silvrhalide says

    @17 Most people choose the familiar even when the familiar is terrible.
    An acquaintance grew up in an extremely toxic household–both parents were raging alcoholics & narcissistic sociopaths. (Not an exaggeration–the father was rejected from enlistment at the height of the Vietnam war & the rejection form specifically listed “social personality disorder” [ie., sociopath] as the reason for rejection.) The mother tried to kill her own child in an alcoholic rage when said child was an infant. Just so you understand what levels of dysfunction we are discussing here.

    First the mother died, then the father (finally) died, then the toxic enabling grandparent died.
    You would think that the acquaintance would revel in freedom, right?
    Acquaintance decided she needed a tenant to help defray the costs of owning a home. Acquaintance immediately chose… a narcissistic alcoholic and drug user, who eventually died (possibly from OD) after trashing half the house.
    Lesson learned? Nope.
    I had moved in briefly when the first narcissist was living there (before I knew how bad the situation was), started looking for new place to live within 2 months. The household was that toxic. It was worth it to pay 3X more in rent just to GTFO. Seriously.
    Acquaintance immediately started pissing and moaning about how expensive it was to own a home, how nobody would help, etc.
    All our mutual friends pointed out that acquaintance got rid of the paying person and kept the deadbeat drug user.
    Was this a wakeup call? NOPE.
    Acquaintance chooses second petty criminal drug using narcissist as tenant. And is now in year two or year three of trying to evict the second deadbeat from the home. Legal costs, court dates, the whole works.

    The point here is that given financial stability & actual homeownership, literally the first thing acquaintance did was… recreate the original toxic family/living situation. From scratch.

    Not sure at what point your stepdaughter was no longer living with her biological father? Unfortunately, it sounds as if the damage was done. At this point, the only thing you can do is be a refuge for your grandkids.

    May I suggest reading Nancy Kress’s Unto The Daughters? Not a self help book, short story.